How to Rank on Google in Nigeria

How to Rank on Google in Nigeria

Understanding how search engines work is the first step to improve a site’s search rankings. – How to Rank on Google in Nigeria

Improving a site’s rank involves leveraging various SEO techniques to optimize the site for search, and these include:

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Keyword Research

Keywords are the words your website will respond to if those words are typed in the search engines.

A property company in Chicago can choose to rank its website for “Buy A House In Chicago” or “Home For Sale In Chicago” as his keyword.

You can rank a website for multiple keywords.

For instance, a furniture company in Texas that sells home and office furniture can rank his website pages individually.

He could rank the home page of his website for keywords like “Quality Furniture in Texas” while his office chair page could be ranked for “Best Executive Office Chairs”

He could continue to rand other product pages based on the product displayed on that page.

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How To Rank A Page For A Particular Keyword

There are many practice that help search engine recognize a page as being relevant to be displayed for a particular keyword.

Some of the practice include…

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Website Title

This is the title of your website, and it’s located at the top section within the code area of your websitet.

You can write your company name within the title tag or any other key sentence short sentence.

But many website owners prefer to use keywords in the title section because it helps in search engine optimization.

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Meta Name

The meta name is a tag that helps define the content of your website pages to search engine robots.

It’s a good practice to use keyword within the meta name tag to improve a site’s ranking.

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Meta Description

This is a tag that describes the content of a website in brief.

This tag is usually being placed close to the meta name tag within the code of a website.

The meta description for a hotel could be “Are you looking for a comfortable hotel to enjoy your weekend or a special location for your honeymoon, XYZ hotel has got you covered”.

During a search, the content of your meta name is being displayed as the title of your website, while the Meta Description is the brief introduction message that follows.

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Content Marketing

Once you’ve chosen a keyword you want to rank for then it’s time to write your advertising message using a sales-oriented copy-writing strategy.

Writing good content for your website is essential for search engine optimization.

Your content must be relevant to the title and description of your website.

If your content is not detailed or not explanatory, your website visitor will leave your website fast.

And that will affect your chances of ranking high on search engines like google. – How to Rank on Google in Nigeria

Because it knows the approximate time a reader should spend on each page of a website.

If it takes about 15 min to read your website content and most of your readers leave within the first 3-5min.

That’s a signal to search engines that your content is not relevant to the title and description.

This will reduce your chances of ranking high in search results.

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Link Building, also known as back-links

Creating quality back-links to your website is one of the core ranking factors on search engines.

The more back-links you have the better for you.

This means that other websites are talking about your website.

This is a good signal to search engines, meaning that your website is relevant by being recognized by other websites.

Just like in the real world, the more people know you, the more influential you are and that describes how important you are.

The same applied to search engines.

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How To Build Quality Back-links

Publish High-Quality Content on Your Entire Site.

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Submit your website to directories and listing pages.

Share your website link on Social Media.

Write Articles for Blogs and Forums with a link back to your website.

Promote your content.

Build Internal Links by linking pages within your website.

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Have A Blog On Your Website

A blog helps attract traffic to your website in the long run.

If you start adding relevant content to your blog today, after a while depending on how regular you post “daily posts are the best”.

With little additional effort, search engines will start showing your content to a few audience.

If they like your content and read more articles on your blog then the search engine will increase your visibility.

The more you write blog posts, the more content your audience can read on your blog and the more time they spend as well.

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This makes your blog relevant and useful. Search engines will reward you by increasing your ranking in search results.

As much as this is a powerful way to generate a loyal audience that will stick with you for a long time.

It’s advisable you use another medium to promote your goods and services at the early stage.

While you continue to build your blog because it takes time for blogs to rank high on search engines.

Your immediate social media presence and Ad campaigns will help you make sales while building your blog.

When your blog finally ranks high, your sales will increase and you might want to reduce your budget on paid advertising.

Concentrate on increasing your loyal audience through your blog.


What are the Keywords that best describe your product or service.

Write an attractive Meta description for your landing page (not more than 25 words).

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