Copywriting - How to Write Words that Get People to Take Action


Copy-writing is a persuasive script that explains why a prospect should do business with you.

It helps you draw your audience into your content and drive more engagement.

Copy-writing is one of the most critical elements of all forms of marketing and advertising.

It consists of words, either written, spoken or demonstrated as video advertisement.

Marketers use it to get people to take action after reading or hearing them, a good copy-writing script must have a heading that capture its reader.

As we all know that “headline is the first, and perhaps the only impression you make on a prospective reader.”

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This is why your headlines need to be magnetic.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your content headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the entire content.

This is the secret to the power of the headline, meaning it highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.

The better the headline, the better your odds of beating the average and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people.

There are many strategies that have been adopted by professional copywriters around the world, the most effective strategies include:

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Story Telling

Everyone loves good stories.

We like hearing about people — especially interesting people.

People who have suffered challenges we can relate to and they tell us how they overcome those challenges.

And the moral of the story is usually that… an event, product or service was the catalyst to overcoming those challenges.

You might find this storytelling technique in an email newsletter, a landing page, or a short video.

Whatever the format, you’ll get 3 basic traits in the story:

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Show how the character of the story had a normal life, then how that life was shattered by a change or event.


How the life of the character is being threatened if he does not respond to the problem?

What the journey looks like as he tackles this challenge?


Finally, a product is introduced as a cure for the character’s problem, and they also mention the satisfaction the character got after using the product.

This is a strategy you should also adopt, and your story doesn’t have to be dramatic.

It just has to be interesting to your target audience.

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Here is a typical example.

I was watching a lawyer on CNN share his story.

He was abused by the law, at age 17 he was mistaken for someone who committed a crime, he was arrested and jailed for a crime he knew nothing about.

After the first 3 years in jail, he tried to be courageous and turn his worry into strength.

He made a promise to himself, saying that he will fight for his justice and also make sure to become a voice to other people who might fall in the same situation.

He told his sister to buy him some criminal law books and he began to study while in jail.

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After spending a total of 10years

He gained his freedom at age 27, by now he has studied a lot about criminal law.

Then went to a law school and became a criminal lawyer.

He is now one of the most respected criminal lawyers in the US.

Genuinely telling his story has open doors to countless opportunities.

His story has been his major selling point. He has been invited by news channels like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, and other top TV and radio stations plus countless magazine interviews.

Anyone who hears about his story and needs a criminal lawyer will prefer to hire him because people can relate with his story.

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Identify — Agitate – Recommend Concepts

Identify a problem

Agitate that problem by making your readers feel troubled or nervous

Recommend your product as the solution

In this style of copy-writing, you write as if there is a conversation between two people: the copywriter and the prospect.

A typical example of this concept goes like this.

Insecure? You’re not alone. Millions of people admit to being insecure.

Yet, remain that way and you’ll live a life in the shadow. Always wishing and never doing. Fortunately, there’s an answer.

Then recommend your product as the answer.

The speech that made Obama the president was more of this concept.

He introduced himself in an appealing way, point out the ongoing challenges in the US that need immediate changes, and finally persuade the people to vote for him to enable him effect those changes.

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The 1234 method also works pretty well – Copy-writing

What I’ve got for you

What it’ll to do for you

Who I am?

What you need to do next

And this is a good example of the 1234 method

What I’ve got for you

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Who I am

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  1. What copy-writing strategy will you like to adopt for your business.
  2. Write a simple copy-writing for your business.

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