How to Influence Customers Buying Decision

How to Influence Customers Buying Decision.

If you want to get people to buy your product or services, you need to understand how consumers make purchasing decisions. – How to Influence Customers Buying Decision


Product quality and seller reputation matters.

But what about when the product matches the customer’s needs and they trust the seller?

What influences a buying decision once those fundamentals are in place?

Influencing the customers’ buying decisions is a key factor in selling, and what are the factors that weigh-in on their decision making.

7 factors that influence customers buying decisions.

Marketing Campaign

Research shows that most people don’t buy a new product when it’s first advertised, continuous advertisement encourages them to give the product a try.

Brand Identity

The bigger you portray your brand, the better for your business.

Many years ago when I set up my website development business, I didn’t have an office.

I was working from home, but my online presence was so big that I was attracting high paying clients.

I was able to portray my business so big to my clients and it paid off.

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People trust products or services that are recommended by someone they know.

Recommendations are still the most effective way to build trust with new clients.

That’s why businesses around the world are using network marketing and affiliate marketing to attract new clients.

Social Trend

People often buy items they don’t need just because the awareness is massive and others are talking about it.

They will want to check what the product is all about.

Social media is a less expensive platform to create a powerful social trend for your product.

Simply by being interactive on your social media platforms.

Post contents regularly and engage with your followers.

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There are 3 types of contents that attract online users

  • Entertaining Content
  • Informative Content
  • Educative Content

Use any of these contents to attract online users.

Once you have captured their attention, selling to them will be much easier because you already built a relationship with them.

Post-purchase Evaluation

Post-purchase Evaluation is a powerful method to make your customer come back for more.

Everybody wants to feel good when buying an item. Apart from the fact that your product delivers the value you promise.

Make your customers feel good during the purchase. – How to Influence Customers Buying Decision

Call them after the purchase to find out how your product has been helpful to them.

I understand that some people don’t like to contact their customers after the sales has been made.

Thinking the customer might have complain about the product.

When a customer complain about your product, it’s an opportunity for you to get better.

So other customers won’t have to complain about your product next time.

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I was once in a store to buy a particular toothpaste which happens to be my favorite brand, but it was out of stock so I tried another brand.

It turned out that, I felt more comfortable with the new brand I just tried so I stick with it.

I wouldn’t have discover the new brand if my old brand made sure his stores never went out of stock.

Distribution has to do with accessibility.

Make your product never go out of stock so you don’t loss potential sales from any of your loyal customers.

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There is no doubt that people buy what they need, but other factors mentioned above will determine which company they buy from.


List 2 Factors that can help you influence your customers’ buying decisions.

Describe how you would like to engage your audience through social media platforms.

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