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Attract customers to a new business in Nigeria.

Gaining customers to a new business can be challenging, yet this is the most important part of every business because your ability to attract and retain customers will determine your success in business. – Attract customers to a new business in Nigeria

This is one of the major reasons why business fail. Lack of customers.

No matter how much you’ve invested in building your business, if you can’t attract customers to your business then you don’t have a business.

This article will help you understand some key factors that will help you attract traffic to your new business in Nigeria and beyond.

The principles that will be described works for businesses in any part of the world.

So, let’s dive in.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth goes a long way, it can elevate a business as much as it can also ruin a business.

We tend to believe and act upon information from family members, close friends and relatives especially those that we trust.

If any of these people recommended a product to us, there’s a huge chance that we might want to try the product to see how it works and if they also discourage us from buying a product, we might not want to try such product.

Attract customers in Nigeria
Attract customers to a new business in Nigeria

No matter how much the company is investigating in advertisement.

That’s how much the world of mouth can influence a customers buying decision.

The best way to use the word of mouth to promote a business is to have a good product that deliver value to it’s customer then you can start telling people about your business.

Introduce your business to your friends, family members, organization members and anybody you have access to.

The beauty of this strategy is that, once you have a good product, your newly acquired customers will appreciate your product and come back again once they need your product.

Because it delivers the expected value.

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Ask for referral

Don’t be shy to encourage your existing customers to help you promote your business within their own network.

We all belong to one group or the other, if we find a product that’s good for us, chances are the product will be good for someone else within our network.

Recommending such product to the person will be an act of kindness.

This can only happen when you encourage your customers to do that on your behalf.

And since they’re confident that their contact won’t be disappointed with your product, based on their experience. Then they will go ahead and introduce your product.

People who are recommended to a business by someone they trust are usually loyal to such business because of the recommendation.

They usually pass the respect and loyalty they have for that person to the business.

This helps you gain a new customer who will be willing to stay with your business as long as your business continue to deliver the expected value.

Discounted Sales
Attract new customers

Offer Discounts

There are people who love to buy only when a business is on promotion.

They believe they will get the product cheaper and save some cash for themself.

They’re aware that discount won’t remain forever, so when the price gets back to normal they remain with the brand once they are getting value for their money.

Giving discounts is a good way to attract customers to a new business.

This strategy usually allow people to try a new product even when they have a brand they are used to.

The little discount in price will encourage them to try your product which leads to more customer for you.

In most cases, depending on your kind of business.

Most business don’t usually make much profit on launch, it’s best to focus on attracting customers with a little profit mark-up on your product.

This will help you attract more customers than when you sell at the general price. Then you can make your profit off the customers on a letter date.

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Partner with complementary businesses

As it’s been said that birds of same feather flock together. Associate yourself with people whose business complement your’s.

For instant, let’s say you sell car tyre. Those whose business complement your’s include the mechanics, panel beater and so on.

These are places where their customers are likely to need your product while your customers are also likely to need their services.

This practice will help both parties leverage on each other to attract new customers.

Here’s the question: what’s your business and what are other businesses that compliment your business?

You need to start building relationship with business owners within such industry to help you attract new customers and grow your business fast.

How to gain customers
Gain customers to a new business


Always look for opportunities to talk to people about your business, this could be in religious places or at event.

This helps you filter a large group of people and attract those who are interested in your business.

You wouldn’t have known if any of the audience is interested in your business except you talk to them.

The best way to get good result with this practice is to educate them about your product.

Help them understand how your product will be of help to them and what they stand to gain by using your product.

This simple principle will help you connect emotionally when talking to people about your product or service.

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Give Freebies

Everybody loves freebies, getting what you need without having to pay for it can be an amazing experience.

When starting your business, you could create some product that will be giving out to people who are most likely to convert to customers once they like your product.

This is also another good way to attract customers to a new business but make sure you only give your free products to people who are most likely to convert into customers.

And these are people who are already using your kind of product from competing brand.

With these, you spend less on the free products and still get result by gaining new customers to your business.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is less expensive, yet an effective way to gain attention to a new business. Marketing is all about attention, the more attention you gain to your business, the better for you.

Post engaging content on your social media platforms that online users will love to interact with.

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Get listed on directories

This works best if you have a website, but if you don’t, you can still get listed.

The advantage of having a website is that you can add your website URL in your listing so that those who see your listing can visit your website to learn more about your business.

Most listing website usually accommodate information which include business name, address, phone number, email and website.

While others have column where you can add more information about your business. Listing on directories also help improve you website’s SEO ranking.

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Follow up after sales

In most cases, businesses don’t really follow up after sales to find out if the customer is getting the expected value from the product.

You could join the list of business owners who follow up after sales to make sure their customers get the best value from their product.

When you follow up after sales, this helps you know your customers view about your products.

If he is having issues, he will let you know and you can help him resolve the issue so he can continue to repeat business with you.

This will also help you get feedback and review about your product and it’s usually easy for such customer to recommend your product because of the support he’s getting from you.

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One guarantee way to get the best result from the principles mentioned in this article is to have a good product.

It’s much easier to sell a good product, your advertising effort is to encourage people to try your product.

They will always come back whenever they need your product next time.

Invest in your business, learn as much as possible and always put in your best towards delivering a memorable experience to your customers and they will remain loyal to your business for a long time to come.

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