How to improve your communication skills

Communication skills.

Communication is a skill that determine your success in life. It help you get what you want from people in business, marriage and relationship. – How to improve your communication skills


Communication skills will help you express your thought in meeting, presentation, and interview in a clearer way that your audience will understand your point.

Imagine forgetting your lines in a presentation for a project you are capable, you’ve studied your craft and you’re confident towards delivering quality service.

But, you couldn’t help them understand why you’re the best candidate for the project.

You loss the project to someone else, due to lack of communication.

To improve the quality of your life, it’s important you improve your communication skills.

This article will help you understand basic principles that will improve your communication skills. 

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How to improve your communication skills

Remain positive

Being positive will help you gain control in every situation.

Remain positive towards your ability to deliver good quality in your endeavor, and work diligently towards your best.

When you become positive, and remain positive, you will begin to gain control over your communication. You will improve the words you use and how it’s been used.

Your body language will speak well about you, it will help you gain the attention of your audience, they will listen and be willing to take the actions you suggest for them.

Being positive is not letting your present situation distract your focus.

There will always be situations, it’s part of life. 

There are different situation in stages of life, some are tough, while others are interesting. During the tough time, remain focus on activities that will improve such situation.

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Understand your topic

To help you communicate with confidence, it’s important to understand your topic in details.

Before attending presentation, rehearse your scripts and master the important points. During meeting, do some research about your audience. This will help you understand how best to relate with them.

Understanding your topic helps gain control over the situation, you become confident because you have answers to most of the question that might be asked.

This will help you improve your communication skills.

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Whenever you’re in a public place, talk about only topic that you understand. It’s not a good practice to talk for talking sake.

If you don’t know about a topic, it’s best for you to listen to others who know more information about that topic.

Sooner, the conversation will shift to a topic you know much about, then you can contribute and your audience will listen, because you’re talking about a topic you have much information.

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Improve your communication
Building Trust aid better communication

Build Trust

Communication is about trust, when your audience trust you, they will listen to you and take the actions you want them to take.

The world has gotten to a point where trust is not common anymore.

Present yourself as one of the few people that can be trusted in every situation.

There are things you can’t fake, you can’t fake being truthful, it’s an habit that will become a lifestyle. Once mastered, it’s capable of transforming every other aspect of your life.

No matter how poor your communication has become, building trust will make people pay attention when you speak because you are saying the truth.

When you constantly gain your audience attention, this will increase your enthusiasm during your speech. Then it becomes easy to build on such practice.

The point is that, if your audience do not trust you, you can’t gain their attention. No one respect someone who always dish out fake Information.

So focus on building trust by being truthful in all your endeavor and people will begin to listen when you speak.

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Ask questions and listen

No one knows it all. No matter how much information you know about a topic, you can’t know it all. That’s why we keep learning everyday.

Always ask questions when needed and pay attention when you get response.

This could be in an interview or presentation and there’s something you need to know. You’ve made your research but couldn’t find an answer. It’s okay to ask, ask politely and respectfully.

When you get the answer, the information will be added to your archive, making you become more knowledgeable about the topic.

Ask genuine questions that’s Important so that you can get an honest answer that will be of help to you.

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Business Communication

You don’t need to be perfect

Perfection does not exist, we only keep improving on ourselves. No matter your mistakes, understand that others make mistake too but the difference is how you respond to your mistake.

You could be in an important gathering and make some speaking mistakes, it’s normal to make mistake.

If you see it as a mistake, then others will also see it as mistake.

But when you see it as part of life, overlook it and focus on delivering your speech to the best of your knowledge, others will overlook it too because no one is perfect. We all make mistake.

Some mistakes could be funny to the audience and they couldn’t help but laugh. Then join them laughing, laugh out loud and appreciate the fact that you gave your audience a reason to smile.

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Always put in your best

Put in your best in everything you do and make it obvious that you’re trying your best.

There was a time I worked as a road worker with a road construction company. My job was to supply literate on site where needed.

I had to load the literate into a wheelbarrow with shovel then push to the portion of the road where it’s needed.

It was a stressful activity for me but I had no choice because it’s part of my job.

It was obvious that I wasn’t meant for such stressful activity, but I have no other job and I wasn’t ready to leave.

My colleague knows that the activity is too stressful for me but because I always try my best, they usually cover up for me, leaving no lapses.

This was because I’m used to supporting then in other areas where I’m good. This makes them feel comfortable supporting me in areas I’m not good at.

So it’s not compulsory for you to be the best, but try your best and be supportive to others so that people can support you too, whenever you need help.

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No does not necessary mean No

It’s okay to face rejection

Rejection is part of success journey. When you face rejection, it means you need to improve yourself, then come back better.

Rejection gives you the opportunity to learn, and improve on performance.

Embrace rejection, learn your mistakes, improve on performance so you don’t get rejected for same reason again.

The disadvantage of being rejected is when you don’t realize the reason you got rejected and you didn’t improve on yourself. You will continue to make the same mistake and continue to face rejection.

The moment you understand the reason, and improve performance in such area, you will stop facing rejection. This will help you because more confident when you speak. 

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Like I always say…

Communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Just like every other skills.

You don’t need to be intimidated due to lack of communication skills, you only need to learn and improve on yourself as fast as possible so that you can overcome your public speaking challenges.

Use the principles described in this article to make adjustments where needed.

In-case you need further assistance on how you can improve your communication skills. Feel free to reach me using the WhatsApp chat button on this page and I will be willing to assist you further.

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