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Get What You Want Through First Impression.

There are proven practice that can help you get what you want from others through first impression. Before we dive in, it’s important to mention that there are two habits you need to cultivate to make all other practice work pretty well.

First impression works better when preparation meet sincerity. You will gain the attention of almost everyone you come in contact with.

Being sincere with yourself is more of being honest in your dealings, everybody wants to transact with an honest person. This habit is contagious, it reflects in your attitude, the way you talk, move your body, and the way you do things, it can easily be identified in a man who has the qualities.

While preparation is being good at what you do, you don’t necessarily need to carry the big badge. Just be the best you can, and continuously improve on your craft. This will boost your confidence when talking to people about yourself and your business, they’ll know you’re truthful. Based on your expressions and body language.

With this attitude, you wouldn’t need a second meeting to get what you want from people most times.

Sincerity and preparation are habits that can be cultivated through determination to become a better person and discipline to make changes in your attitude.

The first stage is to understand what you want in live, that’s your goal? Be sincere with yourself. Once you understand what you truly want out of this wild space called life then working towards your goals become much easier.

To help you understand what you want in life there are few questions you need to provide answers to.

1. What do you want to be known for?

Everyone who gained the admiralty of others are known for something. It could be for being open and supportive to their colleague at work or for setting up a small business that help people solve a common problem. Everyone respect and appreciates someone who is impactful to them one way or the other. So what exactly do you want to be appreciated and respected for? Let me rephrase the question to help you understand better. What positive impact do you want to make in people’s life?

2. How can you transit into this new person you aspire to become?

Identity people who already have similar personality that you aspire. What are the things they have in common? There are usually similar behavioral traits among people who do things in a similar way. Let’s use the zodiac sign as an example, people who are born within a specific month and date have been proven to have a lot in common, these include their career path, relationship and marriage choice, hobbies, talents and lots more.

You can start by figuring out your zodiac sign. Search engines like Google makes it easy to conduct such research. Type your month and day of birth in search engine to figure out your zodiac sign. For example type: Jan 15 Zodiac Sign Traits and Personality. This will help you discover more about yourself. Your search result will confirm some things you already know about yourself, some activities you engage presently and other important traits you know about yourself but being skeptical about taking steps towards such direction due to society pressure.

3. Start working towards rebuilding yourself

Discipline plays a huge role in this regard because you’ll have to replace most of your old habits with new ones that’ll align with your new personality.

Your environment and the company you keep plays a huge role in this regard. Most times, people are been limited by the constant negative voice that comes from their immediate environment. If your environment consist of people who always see the negative side in things, then they’ll never see the greatness is you even when you try to prove that you’re worth much more, they’ll always discourage you and bring you down.

You need to understand that, there are people who don’t grow in life and such people will do everything possible to drain the effort of anyone who tries to grow around them.

Check your immediate environment, who are the people around you and what impact are they making in your life, are they making you or breaking you?

Who are the people within your circle

If they are the group that doesn’t see any greatness in you, then you might need to start working out plans that can help you leave such environment, meanwhile you need to limit the time you spend in such circle. Look for a conducive environment where you can quietly sit and reflect on your life. Reflect on where you’re coming from, where you want to be and the process that could take you from where you are to where you want to be.

There are such environment in every vicinity. It’s usually a cool quiet place where you can be left alone, places like garden, beach, around the rock or under a tree in a nearby environment.

Let me tell you this fact… most of the great men in history who impacted positively by investing most of the benefits we enjoy today are introverts. And even all the guys making great impact today are introverts. These include Elok Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, and even our own Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Introverts are people who are comfortable talking to themself through meditation. They listen to their instincts and ask themself sensitive questions that are rare to find answers when asked in public places. Introverts usually find answers to most of their questions through constant research.

Master Introverts Attitude

You might need to cultivate this habit, it’s one of the new habits you need to discipline yourself. Be comfortable finding answers to your own questions through research and not just based on what someone tells you. It’s good to ask questions but make your own research based on the answers you got and use your instincts to reach a conclusion for yourself.

Always make sure that your conclusion is based on what you clearly understand and believe upon. Never reach a conclusion when you’re not clear about a topic, instead ask more questions probably from different source and make more personal research until you are clear enough about the topic.

Be Ready to Accept a Good Life

Make yourself readily available to accept the good life that awaits you ahead. Once you understand your real worth and you’re working towards living your worth, then your confidence and self esteem will automatically increase.

One key fact people ignore is that you can’t fake who you are, it will always reflect. And there can’t be another version of you. The moment you start faking your identity, you begin to loss self-respect from others because you are being fake and it will always reflect in your attitude. Intelligent people understand that it’s dangerous taking a fake person seriously. A man who tries to fake his identity can fake anything no matter the situation.

When everything you do is in accordance with your faith and believe, you won’t have to fake anything or try pretending to be who you’re not just to please others. And these is the kind of mindset you need to make yourself acceptable by real people who are also honest in their dealings.

Those that are not honest in their dealings will treat you with respect became it’s obvious you deserve to be valued and respected.

At this stage, implementing the next set of principles becomes easy and importantly you will get the best results as people will always welcome you, value you, listen when you speak because you are been honest with your dealings and that can only be possible when you become confident about your goals in life and be sure to have position yourself on the right path.

Surely, challenges will come but you’ll definitely overcome because your confidence level has increased.

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Now let’s mention other important practice that can help you get what you want from others through first impression.

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Dress to Impress
  3. Always be on Time
  4. Show interest in your Audience
  5. Be Supportive
  6. Be Positive
  7. Have a Winning Smile
  8. Be Clear in your Communication
  9. Be an active Listener
  10. Research About your Topic
  11. Make eye contact
  12. Use positive body language
  13. Admit your mistake and apologize
  14. Ask Questions
  15. Tell Stories
  16. Avoid Judgmental Opinion
  17. Put your phone away
  18. Moderate the Tone of your Voice
  19. Show Interest in Others
  20. Engage and be Engaging
  21. Address People by their Name

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Conclusion – Get What You Want From Others Through First Impression

The above mentioned principles can be mastered through constant practice but these principles work best when you improve on your orientation and perspective towards life and every other thing will flow naturally, and effortlessly.

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