First Impression Tips

In this article, I’ll be talking about important tips to make a good first impression in every public gathering.

First impression matters if you want to gain and win the attention of your audience, especially in places like job interview, meeting, presentation, conference and other public events. The impression you give about yourself will last for a long time, so give a first impression that’ll make people remember you for good.

There are many practice that can help project a good first impression. Some of the important practice include:

Know your Audience

Before going for a meeting or interview, make research about the company, and possibly the person you’re likely to meet. Learn about the company’s product, services and how you can improve performance within your area of specialty.

Imagine yourself in a job interview talking about some of the companies product, how it works and you’re already making suggestion on how they can improve on performance. This makes them understand that you’ve been a part of the company’s family already and officially bringing you on board is a good decision they’ll make.

Dress to Impress

It’s common said that “dress the way you want to be addressed” since appearance shows the manner. You need to present yourself well so people can pay attention to you and address you with respect. You don’t need to wear the most expensive dress, just wear something that looks good on you and make sure it’s super clean. Iron your dress, cut your nails, comb your hair, clean your shoe and present yourself decent.

These are the first qualities others will notice when they see you. First impression starts with your appearance, so make sure to look good at all times.

Be on Time

Never underestimate the power of punctuality in every situation. Getting to the venue early gives you a lot of advantage as you get to have some time to refresh yourself, keep yourself cool before the event commenced.

You also get to find a nice sit for yourself, probably at the front where you can oversee the entire activities without hindrances.

In situations like presentation, interviews or any official activity, punctuality carries a huge mark because you just proved that, when hired for the job you will always get to work early. And every business owner appreciates such quality in their employees.

Be Yourself

This is the same as being authentic, you can’t be perfect at faking your identity. When you try to fake, there will be lapses that’ll make others to suspect your moves. But when you possess good character and try to be authentic, people will appreciate you for whom you are.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect, in-fact chances are you will make mistakes. Mistakes are easily overlooked for an automatic man who understand that he’s not perfect, but he’s trying to continuously improve on himself to become the best he can.

Become Confident

Your confidence level tells a lot about you. Having a high confidence level increase your chances of success in any endeavor you engage yourself.

Confidence is an attitude that reflects, it helps you make firm decisions, set goals and work towards your goals. High confidence level will help you tackle and overcome challenges that might come your way in your daily activities. And due to these reasons, everyone wants to deal with a man who is confident about himself.

There’s huge different between acting confidently and genuinely becoming confident.

When you act confidently, it’s an act – like a mood you switched into. You might fit in and you might no fix in properly. But when you become confident then that’s whom you’ve become. That’s the new you, not an act that you switched into. That’s when you can fit in perfectly because everything you’ll do will be authentic.

Be Positive

Possessing positive attitude helps you blend into every situation. Being positive means being pleased with everything around, the environment, the people, the conversation and the on going process. You like and appreciate everything. This will reflect in your behavior and people around will feel comfortable having you in their midst because you display a positive attitude towards them and their environment, meaning you are comfortable being with them.

Have a Winning Smile

Smile is highly contagious, especially a real touching smile that comes from the bottom on the heart. It’s a good practice wearing a cool smile on the face most of the time. This tells the other person that you’re at peace with them.

It’s a bit difficult to smile at someone you’re angry with. And when you do, that’s not a real smile, it will reflect. Make it an habit to have a smile on your face when meeting with other people.

Be Open

There’s a common saying that you shouldn’t share what you know with others, that’s true but not in every situation. You need to understand what makes the difference. There are environments where it’s not safe for you to share your ideas.

There are other environment of positive and open minded people who wants to learn and grow, sharing your idea in such gatherings will help you learn more about your idea as people will come up with their honest opinion and suggestion that will help you make the best of your idea.

So whenever you’re in a positive gathering, it’s best for you to be open, share what you know with others. They will share what they know with you too, then you can both learn from each other and grow together.

Be Clear in your Communication

Communication is about helping the other person understand your point so they can take actions towards your desired goals.

To get someone to take action, you need to be as explanatory as possible to help them understand the reason why they should accept your suggestions and opinions.

Communication is an important skill that govern every aspect of our life, with a good communication skills you’re most likely to get what you want from others most time because you will be able to express yourself in a clear way and your audience will understand your point.

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Be an Active Listener

Active listening is the act of paying attention to the other person while he express himself without you interrupting his speech.

This attitude help your audience understand that you’re interested in what he’s saying and you’re following his points. Everyone feels comfortable around someone who allow them express themself. Whatever the situation might be, active listening will help you gain the interest of the other person.

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Make Eye Contact

Keeping an eye contact help retain the attention of your audience, looking straight into his eyes with a bold smile can melt the heart and this is a good first impression that helps the other person feel comfortable spending his time with you.

Ask Questions

Asking relevant question is an indicator that you’re following up and you are interested in the topic. Especially in interviews, most people always assume that they’re there only to answer questions. Interviews is expected to be an interacting session where you answer questions and also ask questions that you need answers to. This present you as someone who is clear about his goals because you are asking relevant question to help you decide if their job is the best career path for you.

Tell Short Relevant Stories

Most of the times, people tend to remember short stories that are said in-between a conversation. Even when they don’t remember other part of the conversation they still remember the story. You can adopt this practice, use short stories to make your points memorable to your audience.

Be Supportive

What goes around, comes around. That’s the big advantage of being supportive. When you support others in their activities, people will come supporting you too whenever you need them.

Avoid Judgmental Statement

Judgemental statement like trying to condemn someone who did something wrong is a red flag in conversations. It’s not a good practice to condemn someone. Instead, study the situation from a positive point of view and give a positive comments, suggestion, or recommendations on how such situation can be prevented next time. This present you as a problem solver which is far better than emphasizing on the problem. Always provide solutions, everybody loves a problem solver.

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Put your Phone Away

It could be offensive talking to someone and still responding to a message on your phone at the same time. Such practice is as good as telling the person that you have better thing to do, so he could round up and leave.

Always put your phone away when in the middle of an important conversation and if you need to attend to an urgent call or message, ask for permission and be sure your permission is granted. Be brief while responding to such call or message and return to the conversation as fast as possible.

Moderate the Tone of your Voice

It’s not a good practice to talk at the top of your voice, this could be refer to as shouting. It’s difficult to help people understand you when you shout, try your best possible to speak at a moderately loud voice that’s not too loud and not too low so your audience can hear you speak.

Remember Names

Yes, this also help become likeable by your audience – remember their names and call them by name. There’s usually a kind of connection when responding to someone who call you by name compare to someone who doesn’t remember your name.

Remembering names is not as different as it seems. For instance, you meet with someone and he tells you his name, try to pronounce the name about 3-4 times in your mind before moving on with the conversation, this could be done in few seconds without the person noticing. If you’re expected to respond at that time, you could give a response like oh Mr. (Let’s say John). Mr. John, I have a friend who is also Mr. John he is such an amazing person.

The person (Mr. John) in-front of you will feel accepted and this increase your chances of getting a positive response from him.

Be Polite

As it’s commonly said that, respect is reciprocal. Everybody has a dosage of respect they deserve, don’t hesitate to give it to them. This present you as a respectful person and this is a good practice that aid first impression.

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