How I figured out my life purpose

Life purpose is about positioning yourself on a path that aligns with your destiny. How I Figured Out My Life Purpose

Self Discovery Journey could be a roller coaster at times. It usually present different route to different individual. Some where lucky to discover themself early in life, while some discovered themself a bit late, and some never had the opportunity to discover themself. They couldn’t figure out what their life was all about and they lived as a complete stranger to themself.

They lived their entire life based on other people’s definition of them without finding their true self. Engage in a career that was chosen for them or recommend for them, got married because they see others getting married without understand the concepts behind marriage.

Life is too short to be wandering around without a clearly defined life purpose.

Many People lost their path in Life

Most people lost their path during their young age. During this time, our life purpose usually reflect in our attitude through our hobbies and talent. While our passion and interest helps us pinpoint our core purpose in life.

Your passion and interests are most likely your calling. Those are the activities where you’ll perform better especially when you build a career around such interest. Your job will be fun and it won’t seems like job to you anymore because it’s something you love doing naturally. How I Figured Out My Life Purpose

You will be eager to learn and improve on performance. Growing such business is usually fun because you’re likely to find yourself working extra hours without noticing.

Common Challenge Encountered by Many

The common challenge many people encounter during their early years in life is distractions. Distractions from their immediate environment forcing them into doing something else which might be their passion.

It’s difficult to excel when engaged in an activity that doesn’t interest you. It will become hard to focus because your mind will be elsewhere.

My childhood and upbringing was not an exceptional. I was privileged to discover myself at a very young age knowing that I have strong passion for engineering and teaching. But I never had the opportunity to improve on my passion. I was encouraged to focus on schooling where most of the subject didn’t interest me, except for few subjects which include English and Mathematics.

I’ve always known from onset that something was fundamentally wrong with the schooling system because I never felt comfortable with the idea of bringing kids of different interest and background together to teach them the same set of subjects.

Such practice will never resonate with all the student. Some will find the subjects interesting and excel while others who don’t find the subjects interesting are most likely to fail the class. Failure doesn’t make a child worthless, it only indicate that such child will be better doing something else.

By the time I became an adult and needed to start taking responsibilities for my upkeep, I was on a completely different path that has absolutely nothing to do with my life purpose.

By then the pressure has become intense, since I’ve got lots of bills to pay and creating time to start building on my passion was not as easy as it was for a child.

A Lot of People Got Stocked – How I Figured Out My Life Purpose

I had a job I don’t really like but I couldn’t quite because the job was paying my bills. This is the stage where may people lost their path and got stocked on a completely different path just because it helps them pay the bills.

I guess I was lucky enough to understand that something wasn’t right and it’s best for me to figure it out and find a lasting solution. So I can live my life knowing that I’m on a path to fulfilling my destiny.

At this point it becomes mandatory for me to quit my job and follow my passion. My two favorite career options include engineering and teaching. Even though I didn’t build a career around my engineering path, the skills has been highly impactful as it reflect in most of my activities, and it has really been helpful.

I decided to settle for teaching because I understand the value of authentic and applicable information. The amount of information a man has will determine the quality of his life. These include in business, relationship, and in marriage.

Information Gives Strength How I Figured Out My Life Purpose

If you’re struggling with any area in life, it means you lack realistic and applicable information within such area. When equipped with the right information, you begin to understand how you can get the best results within such area.

Quitting my job was one of the toughest decisions I ever made, knowing that I wasn’t sure of where and when the next paycheck will come.

But it was necessary for me to face my fears, I was left with no other choice than to battle my fears and overcome since I already burnt my bridges by quitting my job, so there was no turned back.

The only option I had was to become victorious

This thought me a powerful lesson in life. At times it’s best to position yourself in a stage where it becomes mandatory for you to achieve your important goals. It’s not usually an interesting journey but it’s always worth it because you will come out victorious and things will start working in your favor.

Going through this journey wasn’t fun for me as well, at times I wish I never embark on such journey but it was too late for me to turn back so I just have to keep going. There were times I have little cash with no food and I don’t really feel comfortable bothering others with my challenges so during this time I tried to endure and cover up with smiles.

And there were times when I lost a lot of weight since there was no food but I admit it as fasting even when it was obvious I wasn’t faster. The only thing I had constantly was water. I must confess that the journey was challenging.

But the questions is… Was it worth it?

YES, because the suffering only lasted for a little while before it disappears. Gone forever, never to return again.

Now I have a job I love which is impacting people with applicable knowledge they can apply in their business and personal life to help them achieve their desired goal.

Seeing people get results after implementing my solution gives me lot of joy, comfort, and fulfillment. I’m glad to have reposition myself on such path, knowing that I’m fulfilling my life purpose doing what I’m destined to and contributing my own responsibility to this circle called life.

Helping people through applicable knowledge is my purpose in life and I have been able to achieve that by creating online certification programs where people can study online and get certified.

Most of my courses are short programs and the reasons is because, most times the information needed to achieve success in an endeavor are usually basic information that require constant practice.

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That’s what my programs are all about My Life Purpose

No complications, no fillers. Just the basic principles that can easily be implemented to get the desired results.

Permit me to introduce you to an Advance Learning Platform that offers certification programs and our faculty include Business and Innovation, Personal Development, and Digital Technology.

While our courses include but not limited to:

Effective Communications

This program is created to help anyone who is having communication issues become a better communicator that’ll be able to express himself freely and confidently.

Communication is a skill we all practice daily and becoming a better communicator will help your audience understand your points and take actions towards your desired goal.

Effective Communications Online Course

Productivity and Time Management

This course is ideal for anyone struggling to complete his daily task or that has difficulties setting and achieving goals.

Not being able to accomplish your task is usually due to distractions and this program focus on how anyone can effectively manage his time, get a whole lot done within little time.

Productivity and Time Management Online Course

Team Building and Management

This skills is required for everybody in business. The success and growth of every company largely depends on the team.

Understanding how to build a team is essential for any company that aspire rapid growth. Team building starts when hiring your staffs and this program demonstrates how to hire the right set of people who will become passionate towards helping you build, grow and expand your business.

It also focus on how to effectively manage your team to help them discharge their duties accordingly and promptly.

Team Building and Management Online Course

Other programs include Entrepreneurship that teaches how to build a business that will become successful.

Marketing – to help present your business to the right audience who genuinely needs your product and services and will be willing to path their money with you.

You can also check my online course catalogue, I’m sure you’ll find a program that will help improve an aspect of your life.

In life, true success comes when a man engage in business activities that gives him fulfillment. That’s exactly what I’ve done for myself and I’m doing the same for others through my programs.

Bottom Line How I Figured Out My Life Purpose

If you’re will to invest in yourself, then my online certification programs will definitely help you get better results.

I wish you good luck.

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