Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs

8 Essential Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

To become successful as an entrepreneur there are essential skills you must acquire to help build and manage your business successfully. This article highlight important leadership skills for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship is a career path that requires a lot of hard work since you have to oversee the entire business operations within your establishment. On like when working in an organization where you are been assigned task in one of the department. As an entrepreneur you need to have basic know within the entire department of your business.

This doesn’t mean you have to do the job yourself but you get to know when your team are doing the right thing because you understand the activities required within each and every department of your establishment.

Let’s dive in deep, some of the essential leadership skills for entrepreneurs in Nigeria include:

1. Effective Communications

Effective Communications is a skill every successful entrepreneurs has that have helped them grow their company rapidly. It’s important you also acquire this skill to help you communicate your business value effective with your staffs. You also need this skills to help your prospects understand why they should do business with you.

It’s allegedly said that Alhaji. Aliko Dangote is getting a lot of benefits from the Nigerian government. If that’s true, it could only be possible because he has a strong communication skills to help government officials understand why they should invest in his business and that leads to the next business skills that could make such practice possible.

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2. Team Building

As an entrepreneur, you can’t do the required job alone you need a strong team to help manage your business effectively. Alh. Aliko Dangote had a strong team building skills that has constantly help him bring the right team on board.

If truly he’s getting these benefits as been said by the general public, it’s obvious that he’s putting it to good use building successful companies that are profitable. He is making profits from his establishment and whoever it is behind the scenes is also getting adequate benefits form his investments.

That makes team building and management an essential skills every entrepreneur must acquire to help build a team that will drive the business growth.

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3. Time Management

The only asset we all have in common equally is time, the way you spend your time will determine what you’ll get in life.

No matter how big your dreams are if you are unable to to channel the large sum of your time to activities that’ll help you grow then you might find it difficult accomplishing your dreams in life. Productivity and time management skills makes it easy for you to avoid distractions and focus on important activities that’ll help you grow.

The major challenge people encounter with time management is distractions. Distractions from friends, colleagues, at times from family members. This skills will help you prioritize your activities based on importance so you can concentrate on what matters most.

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4. Marketing

To become an entrepreneur that makes adequate profit you need to understand how to present your business to the audience who genuinely needs it. It’s not a good practice to keep throwing ads on people’s face when they don’t need your product.

Marketing skills will help you understand the group of people who genuinely needs your product so you can focus your advertising efforts towards those group.

When your business is been presented to the right audience then your chances of making sales is very high. Compare to when it’s been displayed to people who are not interested in your kind of business. No matter how hard you try, you’ll only be able to confuse a few percentage of them to try your products and in most cases they might appreciate your effort because they are not interested in your business.

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5. Business Management

Business manage or entrepreneurship skill is an important skills that help you understand the principles that guide your business operations and it’s industry.

This skills makes it easy for you to understand how you can build, grow and expand your business effortlessly.

Raising capital for a new startup could be challenging, squandering such capital can be disastrous and that’s exactly the situation many young entrepreneurs find themself. They squander their entire business capital before realizing that they are on the wrong path.

Having adequate entrepreneurial skills help you prevent such situation as you get to learn and understand important principles that’ll help you implement your business idea with little or no risk.

It helps you take only calculated risks since you have a clear understand of what needs to be done and the best practice to achieve success in your business implementation process.

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6. Leadership

As an entrepreneur, you are a leader. Since it has becomes mandatory for you to manage your team and your customers.

One of the qualities of a leader is to lead by example, it will be difficult for your team to abide by your instructions when you don’t even live by the principles you preach.

An effective way to help someone understand your expectations from them is to live by those principles, without you talking much they’ll understand you better because it will become obvious that you’re preaching what you do then they will understand you better and carry out your instructions diligently.

7. Integrity

Integrity is highly emphasized in an entrepreneurial journey. It’s important you build trust with everybody you come in contact with and these include your employees and customers.

When building trust, you focus less on pursuing money, buy instead you attract wealth. When pursuing money you are likely to become desperate in your practice and this will reflect in your daily activities but when you attract wealth then you’ll have to focus on doing the right thing which usually pays more dividend.

These practice helps you attract people who are also honest in their dealing. When it comes to staffing, you’ll be able to build a team that understand what they want in life and are ready to stick with it for a long run and not people that change their job every 3 month just because they don’t have a defined purpose for their life.

8. Problem Solving

Entrepreneurship comes with lot of challenges and responsibilities. To become successful as an entrepreneur problem solving skill is a necessity. This will help you identity potential issues that might disrupt your operations and resolve such issue before it escalate into becoming a deep rooted problem that could possibly hinder your operations.


Acquiring leadership skills for entrepreneurs in Nigeria is a must if you are determined to succeed in this highly competitive business world.

I hope you find this article helpful, and don’t forget to put it’s content to practice. Before I round up, here’s an highlight of the skills described in this article:

  1. Effective Communications
  2. Team Building
  3. Time Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Business Management
  6. Leadership
  7. Integrity
  8. Problem Solving

Always remember that your duty as an entrepreneur is to build businesses that can operate without you being physically present at all times and the only way to achieve that is to never stop learning.

I wish you the best of luck. 

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