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Studying online through online courses has become the norm now, especially when the online course comes with certification. This saves you the stress of moving around while you still get the desired result.- Best Online Course In Nigeria with Certificate

In most cases online courses are usually less expensive compare to when you have to visit a learning center.

Lets talk about some of the courses you can study online in Nigeria and get certification


This is an essential skill for anybody in business, either you are about starting your business or your business is up and running. This course will help you understand how you can effectively market your business and present it to the right audience who needs your product and services.

And if you plan a career in marketing, then this course is perfect for you since it demonstrate the key principles required to help anyone sell a product, service, or an idea and your audience will be willing to path their money with your business.

No matter how good your business, product, or service, if you are unable to market if effectively then no one will know about your business and this is one of the main reasons why businesses fail in Nigeria.

Marketing is not as difficult and it seems, all you need is to acquire the right knowledge that can help you become a professional marketer that’ll always get result with any product of service you choose to introduce to the market.

Click on this link of access the Marketing Online Course In Nigeria with Certification


This entrepreneurship online certification course is created to help improve your business performance, build, grow, and expand your business fast. This course focus on key strategies that can help a complete newbie build a business that’ll become successful.

The problem many business owners face is to assume that they know it all, without acquiring skills that can help them scale up their business.

Starting and building your own business is far different from working with a company or organization where you are assigned tasks to complete, once you complete your task, you’re good for the day. Either the company gets results or not, its less of your concern.

But as an entrepreneur, its important you oversee the entire operational process of your business and have basic knowledge on how to make things work within every department of your business. This is exactly what this online course will help you achieve.

Here is the link to the Entrepreneurship Online Course In Nigeria with Certification


This is more than just a business skills, communication is an important skills that shape our life. No matter what you do in life, you can’t do without communication and the most interesting part about communication is that it helps you get what you need from others easily.

If you can communicate effectively, you will be able to help your employer understand why you deserve a higher pay and if you have your own business then it becomes easy for you to communicate your business value to your prospects, helping them understand the reason why they should do business with you.

Communication is also an important skill in building relationship and marriages. The key problem about marriages today is lack of communications.

Couples are unable to clearly communicate their value and help their partner understand what they want out of the relationship and marriage. This skill will help you clearly express yourself in a way that your partner will understand the reasons why he should accept and act upon your instructions.

Now, I believe you are beginning to understand the importance of communication in our daily lives.

Access the Communication Skills Online Course with this link

Team Building and Management

I mentioned in one of my videos that, people allegedly say that Alhaji Aliko Dangote is getting a lot of benefit from the Federal Government of Nigeria. If that’s true, then it can only be possible with the aid of two skills.

The first is communication skills, Alhaji Aliko Dangote communicate clearly. He is known for expressing himself in a way that make people understand him easily. And before anyone can path their money with you, then you must be able to help them understand your business goal, implementation process, and what they stand to gain by investing in such business.

No one will like to invest his hard earn money in a business he or she doesn’t understand the process in clearly.

The second skill is Team Building and Management, once he has clearly explain his business goal and implementation process Alhaji Aliko Dangote has a strong team building skills that help him hire the right team that will help implement his business idea into becoming a reality.

He has done this repeatedly in his various businesses making him the richest man in Africa.

Team Building and Management is required for anyone who wants to build his business into becoming a giant corporation, you can’t build your business alone so you need a team of professional to work with. You also need to understand how to being in the right team. People who will become passionate towards helping building, growing, and expanding your business.

Use this link to access the Team Building and Management Online Course with Certification

Productivity and Time Management

Time is money, in-fact not only money. Time is everything, the only resources we all have equally is time. No one has more than 24Hrs a day, but the way you spend your time will determine your achievement and accomplishments.

To success in any endeavor, you must be able to manage your time effectively so that you can focus on only the task that will continuously move you towards the direction of your goals and disengage from unnecessary task that steal peoples time.

Once you learn and understand how to manage your time effectively and apply the principles, then you’ll realize that you can actually do much more than you thought and you’ll be able to do it in less time so you can have time for people and things that matters to you.

So many people are on a good career path that earn that tangible income but hardly have time for themself and things that matters to them, this shouldn’t be you. With this productivity and time management online course, you will understand how time works and how you can maximize your time to become more productive at place of work or while building your own business.

Access the Productivity and Time Management Online Course using this Link

Website Design

This is not compulsory for everybody in business, but if you want to manage your online presence effective without any down time on your website and you don’t have to wait for anyone to make some minor modifications on your website then this course is for you.

This website design course demonstrate an easy way anyone can design a professional website within a very short period of time.

I have been an IT Consultant for the past 17 years and I wish I know this strategy when starting my career, it would have saved me a lot of time, achieve more and even scale my business much faster. But its not too late, I’m glad I know what I know now.

And I have put this skill together in a details and simple to understand online course that has no complexity. You don’t need any technical skill to to design your website using the principles demonstrated in this online course. Its something anybody can do and get good result.

Access the Website Design Online Course with this link

Study and get certification online through Realone Business School’s website. Realone Business School is duly registered and approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria to teach business related courses that help improve business performance and also courses related to personal development.

All the courses comes with certification.

The certificate is recognized and accepted by all Nigerian companies of all sizes.

One interesting fact about the certificate is its QR code that allows employer to verify the authenticity of the certificate simply by scanning the QR Code on the certificate and the details of the certificate will be made available as a means of verification, just to be sure that you studied the course and have presented an authentic certificate.


Now you have it, so which of these online courses will you like to signup for today?

Realone Business School offers professional online courses through its website

Study online and get certification immediately after completing your course. Our website also have a whats-app live chat button that enable you talk to us in-case you need further assistance and we will respond almost immediately.

I wish you good luck as you begin to develop yourself through online courses.

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