Best Website For Online Course In Nigeria

Online learning platform in Nigeria is still new, yet there are a couple of few website for online courses with certification in Nigeria but there is an ingenuous platform own by a Nigerian, manage by Nigerians and operate in Nigeria, that’s Realone Business School’s online learning platform www.realone.proBest Website For Online Course with Certificate In Nigeria

Being an ingenious platform, you can sign up for any of the course paying with paystack using your local ATM Card. The certification courses starts from #10,000 depending on the course you’re signing up for.

Apart from the opportunity to pay for the online course with local ATM Card you also get certified immediately after completing the course.

Best Website for Online Course with Certificate In Nigeria

The portal is design to help it understand when a student has completed his course then it can present the certificate, making it available for you to download or save to your system.

You can always revisit the course at anytime of your choice since it has a life time access for any course you sign up for.

The programs on this platform is detailed, explanatory and focus on helping you achieve your desired goal.

To start learning on this platform, you need to visit and stroll down to your desired online course, click on it to view the course details, curriculum and review as well.

Then click on add to cart to complete the signup process, you will be prompt to include your username and password during the signup.

The login details you set during the signup process will be required whenever you revisit the course and you can always reset your password or modify your account details from the account section of the dashboard.

Once you are done with the signup, you will be automatically logged into your account where you can start learning immediately.

This platform offers professional online courses which include but not limited to:

Entrepreneurship – Online Course In Nigeria

This course is perfect for anyone in business or considering starting his or her own business as you get to learn the required principles that guide building, growing and expanding a business.

Some of the modules in this course include:

Clarity In Business

Before starting your business, its important for you to have a clear understanding about the entire business process from idea to launch.

Best Business Idea

You see, the truth about starting a business is that not all business idea will work for all individual, that’s why you’ll see some people succeed and others struggling in same business.

Before getting started, its best for you to be sure that your business idea aligns with your personality.

Market Research

Its important for you to be sure that there is demand for your business and best way to position your brand to help you attract the most ideal audience for your business.

The only way you can achieve this is by conducting a market research and this course demonstrate that in details.

Marketing and Sales

This is the heart of every business, your ability to sell your product effectively and consistently will determine how fast you’ll be able to grow and expand your business. This entrepreneurship online course has got you covered.

Business Planning

Planning is the first stage to achieve success in every endeavor, this module will help you understand how you can plan your business for success plus how to write a professional business plan that will guide as a road map to your business success.

You can also use your business plan to seek for loan from sources like banks and investors.

Business Structuring

Many businesses do not have a proper structure, and its difficult to grow and expand a business without a proper structure in place.

That’s why you see many entrepreneurs find it difficult to leave their business while they are away for few weeks. With proper business structuring, your business can run on auto pilot without you have to worry about the operations.

Business Idea Validation

Please, do not invest your capital in a business that has not yet been validated. This is how many young entrepreneurs squander their business capital by assuming that their business will work out well without validating such business.

Always validate your business idea before investing your business capital to avoid stories that touch. This course demonstrates how to valid any business to be sure that you are on the right path.


Raising fund for a new business a be a bit challenging, but with the right knowledge then it becomes easy. There are proven ways anyone can easily raise fund for a new business and you will learn that in details in this module.

Team Building & Management

When starting your business, you might want to handle activities for most of the departments alone but you can only do this at the early stage, once your business begins to grow then it becomes mandatory for you to bring in competent hands to help with the operations.

This module will help you understand how to bring in the right team that will become passionate towards helping you build and grow your dream business.

Business Financing

It baffles me when business owners find it challenging paying their staffs at the end of the month or finding it difficult to cover some business expenses, this is as a result of poor business financing and this module will help you understand how to create an effective business financing structure for your business.

This Entrepreneurship online course covers the required module needed to start, build, and grow any business. And that makes it a perfect fit for everyone in business.

You can join the class Here.

Marketing – Online Course In Nigeria

Every product or service ends up in the market place, and if you really want to grow and expand your business fast, then you should consider learning about the basic skills of marketing.

Now, lets talk about some of the modules in this marketing course.

Have A Good Product

Building a good product reduce your marketing effort. With a good product, you only only need some little effort to introduce your product to the market.

Help people know that you have a product they need, and your product will do the rest because once people begin to get value from your product, they’ll come looking for you and even recommend your product to their loved ones

Be An Expert Within Your Industry

Once you are able to position yourself as an expert within your industry, then you’ll be able to charge more for your product and service.

This is a powerful way to sell and this course will help you understand how you can position yourself as an expert with your industry.

The Most Appropriate Audience

Nothing baffles a business owner much more than having a good product and yet no one is showing up, this has to do with targeting. Targeting the right audience with your product. This module demonstrate that in details.

Comparative Analysis

This module will help you understand how competing brands position themself within the industry, reasons why people buy from them.

Their strength and weaknesses plus how you can capitalize on their weaknesses and make that your strength to help you attract some of their customers to your own business.

Value Of A Customer

The value of a customer goes beyond the first sales, just one customer has the potential of transforming your business for the best.

How do you take full advantage of each of your customers to help you grow and expand your business fast. That’s exactly what you will learn in this module

Start With Family and Friends

How do you take full advantage of your family and friends to help grow your business. There are proven strategies that can help you achieve that professionally. This module will help with that.

Sell To A Group Of People

You see, when it comes to selling – its far better selling to a group as you stand the chance of selling more and fast. Here you will understand best ways to approach groups and make them buy from you.

Educate Your Prospects

Its not enough to assume that your prospect knows it all, that’s why its your responsibility to help them understand how your product and services work.

This will enhance their buying decisions, helping them understand why they should buy from you.

Introduce Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to sell and this can easily be done by anyone with the right knowledge, you’ll learn that in this module.

To learn about all the modules explained and lots more, join the Marketing Online Course Here.

Communication Skills – Online Course In Nigeria

If there’s just one skill everybody needs to be good at, then that’s communication.

You cant do without this skills because we all communicate everyday and the better you communicate, the more you get better result when dealing with people in business, relationship and even in marriage as well.

Some of the modules in this course include:

Strategic Communication

This has to do with your ability to express yourself clearly by simply communicating the best message, through the correct channels, to the right people and encouraging them to take actions towards your desired goal.

Communicating Value

Help your audience understand what they stand to gain by engaging in such conversation and how such conversation will benefit both of you.

Active listening

This is just more than listening to someone speak, there are strategic approach to help you listen actively and get the best result in the process. This module demonstrate how you can always achieve that during your communications.

Speaking to an individual

There are slight difference when speaking to an individual and while communicating to a group of people. Although most of the strategies are similar but its important you know your limits and when to proceed, this will help you communicate effective and prove to your listener that you know exactly what you are doing.

Verbal communication

This is when you communicate with spoken words or in writing, there are principles that guide this practice. So that you can always express yourself clearly and confidently.

Non Verbal Communications

This is when you communicate without speaking or writing, this has to do with body expression. How do you do that effectively, and how do you get to understand your audience non verbal communication? This module has got you covered.

Speaking in public

So many people become nervous when speaking in public and this is because they lack the required skill to do this professionally.

You see, communication is a skill that can be learnt and mastered just like every other skills, if you are passionate about improving your communication skills, then join the Communication Skill Online Course using this link.

Team Building & Management – Online Course In Nigeria

When starting your business, you can handing most of the departments alone but once your business begins to grow then it becomes mandatory for you to bring in people to help handle some of the departments.

Hiring people is not the same as hiring competent people. To grow and expand your business you need to be able to hire competent staffs and you must be able to handle them professionally. That’s exactly what this course is all about.

Some of the modules in this course include

Hiring competent staffs

This module will help you understand how to hire the right set of people that will become passionate towards helping you build, grow and expand your business.

Retain Best Team Member

Once you have the best team on board, its your duty to retain your high performing staffs so you don’t get to loss them.

This Team Building & Management Online Course also teaches how to:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Create Effective Salary Structure That’ll Motivate Your Employee
  • Clearly Define Roles
  • Communication Effectively with your employee
  • Plus how to manage your Team effectively

Follow this link to join the Team Building & Management Class Online

Conclusion Best Website for Online Course with Certificate In Nigeria

This online learning platform is perfect for job seekers who want to boost their CV to increase their chances of employment and for business owners who wants to improve on performance. Sign up for any of the online courses today and start learning online.

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