The Distance Between Failure & Success

If you ask me about the distance between failure and success, I’ll boldly tell you that its connection. Although, someone might say it’s hard work, dedication, determination, perseverance and all.

Yes, all of that helps a lot. Yet, no matter how hard you work, you might not go as far as you could, when you don’t have the right connections.

Getting to greater height based on hard work alone without connection is usually very slow and when you finally get to the top, you’ll realize that you met someone along the way who elevated you and gave you that golden opportunity you need to showcase what you’ve got to offer.

So you still need to be connected with the right set of people that can lend an helping hand. That’s when all of your good qualities begin to yield better results.

I’ve get to realize that most of the people at top positions are not necessarily the best candidate for the position (not in all situations, only in some cases) but have the right connections that can position them at the top.

Case Study: Politicians

Just like people in political offices, they spend many years in office and at the end of their tenure, nothing usually seems to have changed except for inflation and high cost of living imposed on the poor masses which is always contrary to their campaign promises.

When it’s so clear that the most basic factor that drive an economic growth is empowering the people to become more inventive, innovative, and productive.

A country should consume only things they produce and sell excess to other countries to earn foreign exchange. Foreign Exchange should be earned through the exchange of goods and services and not to be bought with local currency.

That was the practice that led China to become the hub for about 80% of the manufactured products in the world.

That’s not the case in African countries, especially in my country Nigeria. Government officials who are suppose to be an advocate for creativity and innovation, import everything they use, ranging from wears to cars and even food.

That’s a clear sign that they have no business in position of leadership because they don’t have what it takes to make positive impact on the life of the people.

Because they’re highly connected, they got the position

And the funniest part is that, you dare not talk, complain, or even advice them on how to improve on performance. That’s because they are influential and highly connected.

You can find these trait in many leadership position. Leaders suggest temporary solution to critical problems when they could possibly get to the root and provide a lasting solution once and for all.

This scenario just described incompetency in leadership, but these people got to such position because they’re connected.

Now, I believe you’re beginning to understand the power of influence and connections when it comes to attaining greater height.

That’s exactly what you need to make your dreams come true.

I wouldn’t suggest applying for, or accepting offers within positions you’re not fit for. Instead, figure out your strength, things you’re capable and passionate about and improve on your strengths.

So that you can deliver better services when you get to the position of leadership, then connect yourself with people who can help make your dreams come true.

Let me tell you this for free…

People who are hard working and dedicated don’t usually get a large share of the cake, only those who are connected does.

But if you’re dedicated, hard working, committed and you have the right connections to position you on the seat of leadership, then you will make great impact that’ll affect your followers positively.

During my early years as a business consultant, I have what it takes to deliver better services to my clients but I was living in a developing community where my service is not really valued because most of the businesses around are small local businesses.

This was one of the major challenges I faced when starting my business, then it became mandatory for me to reposition myself and start hanging around people who needs my kind of service or that can recommend me to someone they know that needs my service.

That makes Connection the Distance between Failure and Success

It wasn’t easy for me relocating, but I made it mandatory for myself to go to the city and network with like minded people that can connect me to those that needs my service.

After some few days of constant networking, I got my first client who invited me to train his marketing team on how they can become more effective. I did the training and it was a huge success. 2 weeks latter, I was invited to train the production team of the same company on productivity and time management which I did.

Since then, I’ve been attracting more clients and gaining recommendations because I’m good at what I do and I deliver better services. This happened because I let my comfort zone and move out to places where I can connect with those who can connect me with the right people.

And all of these worked well for me because I’m hard working, I have what it takes to deliver up to my clients expectation.

This won’t have happened if I remain in my comfort zone, where people don’t understand the impact of my service to their business. And besides, its just a small developing community so they might not even need my service.

Its important you’re good at what you do and start connecting with people in position of authority.

You might need to pick up some few skills that’ll help you improve on performance so that when you finally get the right connection, they’ll find value in you and not just give you the opportunity based on loyalty but because you will deliver a better service.

Here are some Online Courses I’ll Recommend:

Entrepreneurship – if you’re in business and looking for ways to improve your business performance, build a business that can operate successful even when you’re not physically present, then this online course is for you.

Or you want to start your own business and you need an applicable guide that’ll help you understand the key areas you need to focus your effort to help you build a profitable business. And you can grow and expand your business. Then this course is all you need.

The next is:

Marketing: This is the heart of every business. No matter how good your product or service is, if you’re unable to market it to the right audience, you might be kicked out of business in no time.

This makes marketing an essential skills for anybody in business or anyone considering starting his or her own business.

That leads us to:

Productivity and Time Management: The key aspect of time management include, understanding the most important tasks that will help you achieve your desired goal.

Learn about the stages and process, then avoid distractions during your implementation process. Distractions present itself to different people in different ways.

This online course will help you understand how you can get a lot done within less time. So you can create time for people and things that matters to you.

Communication is an essential skills anybody who wants to grow in life and business must acquire. It’ll help you communicate your business value to your prospect and this will enhance their buying decisions. It also becomes easy for you to encourage your existing customers to repeat business with you and recommend your service to their loved ones.

Communication skills also help you build strong connection with your spouse, your kinds, family members, and friends as well.

You also need this skills during interview, presentation, and every other thing you do in life.

If you can communicate effectively, chances are you will always get what you want from others easily. I strongly recommend you sign up for our communication online course because lack of communication skills will limit your chances in life.

One more skill I strongly recommend is:

Team Building and Management – If you have your own business, this online course will help you build a team of professionals who will become passionate towards helping you building, growing and expanding your business.

And if you’re working in a company or an organization, team building skills combined with, time management, and effective communications will help you build strong connection amount your colleagues, your superior officer and even junior once’s who look up to you.

And this will always put you on the first class seat of any opportunity the company chooses to offer it’s employees.

So what stage are you in life presently and what skill do you need to improve performance and achieve your goals faster?

Stop 🛑 procrastinating and start learning about it today, then you will be able to change your life for the best.

Click on any of the online course mentioned above to join the class.

Remember: The Distance Between Failure and Success is hard word, perseverance, dedication and connection with the right people.

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