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While there are several communication skills you may use in different scenarios, there are a few ways you can be an effective communicator at work: – Best Effective Communication Course In Nigeria

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Be clear and concise

Making your message as easy to consume as possible reduces the chance of misunderstandings, speeds up projects and helps others quickly understand your goals.

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Instead of speaking in long, detailed sentences, practice reducing your message down to its core meaning. While providing context is helpful, it’s best to give the most necessary information when trying to communicate your idea, instruction or message.

Practice empathy

Understanding your colleague’s feelings, ideas and goals can help you when communicating with them. For example, you might need help from other departments to get a project started. If they’re not willing to help or have concerns, practicing empathy can help you position your message in a way that addresses their apprehension.

Assert yourself – Best Effective Communication Course In Nigeria

At times, it’s necessary to be assertive to reach your goals whether you’re asking for a raise, seeking project opportunities or resisting an idea you don’t think is going to be beneficial.

While presenting with confidence is an important part of the workplace, always be respectful in conversation. Keeping an even tone and providing sound reasons for your assertions may help others be receptive to your thoughts.

Be calm and consistent

When there’s a disagreement or conflict, it can be easy to bring emotion into your communications. Remain calm when communicating with others in the workplace. Maintain a calm attitude and keep an even tone of voice so you can reach a conclusion peacefully and productively.

What Are Communication Skills?

Communication is defined as the ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively. – Best Effective Communication Course In Nigeria

Several experts agree that communication skills include:

  • Conveying messages without misinterpretation or misleading others
  • Effectively communicating with a range of people from all walks of life
  • Navigating from casual or informal communication to formal communication
  • Showing language mastery and command

It is not surprising, then, that effective communication and interpersonal competencies continue to be among the top skills employers seek, listing them as lifelines for workplace success.

But what exactly does effective communication in the workplace mean?

Effective communication in the workplace is the ability to exchange and create a free flow of information with and among various stakeholders at all organizational levels to produce impactful outcomes.

The benefits of effective workplace communication include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased morale
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater trust in management
  • Stronger teamwork
  • Higher employee engagement

A global study from Towers Watson even calculated the numbers, finding that companies with effective internal communication strategies are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers. – Best Effective Communication Course In Nigeria

So, when employers hire good communicators, they are also investing in their long-term success. Undoubtedly, effective communication is and will continue to be essential – which means you should start working on improving yours ASAP!

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