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  • Start Date 07/13/2024
  • Start Time 10:00 AM
  • End Date 07/13/2024
  • End Time 04:00 PM
  • Location LCCI Ikeja - 10 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive, Secretariat B/s. Ikeja 101233, Lagos Nigeria

Do you struggle when communicating in very important situations?

This could be presentation, meeting, interview, on phone or during video call? Or you become anxious, nervous, derail from your topic. Maybe people sometimes have trouble understanding you? 

If you answered yes to any of the above

Then relax,

I will be willing to help you improve your communication skills. So you can become confident when speaking to a group of people or to an individual.

Communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

Communications has its own principles and guidelines. Once you understand and start implementing these few principles, your communication skills will improve drastically.

Lack of communication has prevented lots of people from getting what they deserve in life.
They lost their desired jobs, and even when they do get the job, they are usually being paid up to 30% less because they couldn’t express themself in a way that will help their employer understand that they truly deserve more pay.
These are brilliantly intelligent people, but because of speech limitation they where deprived of what they truly deserve. 

This certification course will help you improve your communication skills, express yourself confidently in business, relationship, and marriage.

One of the most important skills require to excel in any life endeavor is communications. Whatever you do, it’s important you help the other person understand your point, then they can take actions towards your desired goal.

The biggest challenge that prevents people from attaining greater height is lack of communication skill.

Especially in business, relationship and mostly in marriage.

Let’s talk about Communications in Business

Research shows that many new businesses do not survive beyond the first year and when asked such business owner the reason for their failure, they give excuses like lack of funding, low product demand or high competitive force.

In reality, their business did not fail due to any of these excuses. Such business failed due to lack of communication skills.

With adequate communication skill…

    • Funding becomes easy, you will be able to explain your business idea and implementation process to investors in a clearer way that will help them understand the value of your business, how such business will benefit it’s customers and what they stand to gain by investing in your business.
    • An investor might not necessarily know much about your business idea, all they need is a clear road map on how their money will be spent and what they stand to gain from such business.
    • With effective communications, you will be able to help your investors understand why it’s important for them not to miss the opportunity of investing in your business.
    • You will be able to communicate your business goal to your employees, their responsibilities, and benefits. This will enhance their commitment towards helping you build your dream business and their productivity level will also increase.

The most common challenge employees face is not knowing how best to discharge their duty the smart way. They might not know the strategies that’ll help them work smarter, but in most cases business owners do know how his employees can serve better.

But due to lack of communication skill, they couldn’t help their employees understand exactly what they expect from them.

This course will help you communicate effectively

People will understand you and act upon your instructions.

Once you have the fund and good team on board, then you need to start planning your marketing which is largely driven by communication.

There are different reasons why people buy a product but most time people feel comfortable buying when you help them understand how your product will improve an aspect of their life.

We all spend our money on activities and stuffs that’ll comfort us one way or the other. At times, we feel the need for the product but with little knowledge about the benefits of such product and this might prevent us from buying.

With communications skill it becomes easy for you, as a business owner to help your customers understand how they can get the best value from your product which will automatically lead to more patronage for your business, when you help your customers understand why it’s important for them to buy your product.

By now I believe you are beginning to understand the importance of communications in our daily activities.

Communication in relationship and marriage

This aspect of our life comprise of two different individuals coming together to live as one entity. That makes it important to help each other have a clear understanding of your values and expectations in life.

Before marriage, it’s important to discuss how you want to live your life, the number of kids you intend to have and how you want to raise your kids.

Your career and income choice, what’s your interest about your present job? Will you like to remain in such job for the rest of your life or do you consider having a better career path later in the future and how will your career choice affect your marriage?

What are your vacation plans, how often do you wish to travel and where will the travel expenses come from?

All of these choices needed to be clearly understood by both parties and your plans towards making it a reality.

The content of this course will help you express your desires in a clear terms that’ll make your partner understand why you choose those choices and why its important for him/her to support you on such journey.

You will also be able to know if you’re making the right partner choice based on his response and attitude towards your desires.

These and many more, you will be able to address using the principles described in this course.

In this effective communications course…

I will share with you principles that will help you…

  • Speak more smoothly so that both you and your audience can feel relaxed, tuned in and focused.
  • Communicate more fluently so that your thoughts and words blend together, helping you present your thoughts and ideas in an intelligent and precise manner.
  • Speak more clearly so that your listeners can understand exactly what you’re saying and the actions you want them to take.
  • Express yourself more confidently so that your listeners can like and trust you, therefore believe what you are saying.

What you will learn in this course

    • Strategic communication – This is the process of expressing yourself in a way that makes your listener understand your message and feel the need to take actions towards your interest for such communication. It’s the act of delivering an explanatory message, using the most appropriate medium that will resonate with your audience and make them like you, trust you, and feel comfortable doing business with you.
    • Be able to communicate value – This communication process helps you communicate the value of your purpose for such communication. What your audience stand to gain by accepting to your request. Communicating value is an effective way to enhance your audience decision making towards you requests.
    • Active listening – This is the practice of listening and observing the verbal and non-verbal messages that are being sent, and then providing appropriate feedback as a result of showing attentiveness to the message being presented. This process helps you listen on purpose.
    • Verbal communication – This is the process of expressing yourself through spoken or written words. This means that, whenever you speak to someone or communicate in writing through email, chat, SMS etc. Then you’re communicating verbally and this effective communication course will help you do that better. 
    • Nonverbal communication – This communication aspect helps you express yourself without the use of words, either spoken or written. Nonverbal communication is the act of communicating through body language, facial gesture, hand signal and every way of passing messages without the use of words.

You’ll also learn and understand how to effectively express yourself when talking to an individual or to a group of people during interview, presentation, and public speaking activities.

This is a detailed short course that demonstrate only applicable principles that’ll help you communicate effectively, making it easy for you to confidently express yourself in every situation.

Who is this communications course for

  • This course is for you if you struggle getting your thoughts and words to sync together.
  • If you get nervous or anxious before and during public speaking situations.
  • This course is for you if you stutter.
  • If you believe your career and relationship would be better when you improve your communication skills.

What You Will Get

  • Certification
  • Training Materials
  • Refreshment & Lunch

Course Fee: N60,000

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