Why do businesses fail

Why Do Businesses Fail?

There are many reasons why businesses fail. Some of these reasons are so important that every business owner needs to pay utmost attention.

Most time, people give different reasons for a failed business, but in reality the main reason is far from their excuses.

People give excuses like lack of funding, lack of customer, and so on. Meanwhile their business actually failed due to lack of knowledge. With the right knowledge it becomes easy for you to source for fund, plan and implement your business idea, attract clients that will appreciate your business.

In this article, I will help you understand the main reasons why businesses fail so you don’t fall victim of such circumstances.

Wrong business idea

It’s difficult to succeed in the wrong business, no matter how hard your try. Make sure to choose an idea you are willing to learn and grow in. Businesses usually take some time before it becomes profitable, during this time you are likely to spend most of your time building your business, so make sure it’s a business you are passionate about.

Except if your goal is to make money and not to build a business. There’s huge difference between making money and building business.

Making money is about opportunities, you might be privileged to be in a position where you engage is some easy task for high pay. That’s opportunity, while building business is about carefully planning and implement your strategy.

With the right orientation and strategy, you will be able to build a business that will become highly profitable.

Business is a long time active that you’ll wake up to every morning. That’s why it’s important you choose a business idea that you are genuinely passionate about.

Lack of business knowledge

Knowledge is power, knowledge is like a master key that opens any door. Before starting your business, learn about such business and it’s industry, what are the needed tools and how can you get the best tools for the job.

Learn as much as possible from every source, sign up for online course, sign up to podcasts and also learn from your competitors. Get yourself a mentor that can help you reduce risks, someone who has been through the path and you trust his recommendations.

At times, getting a mentor could cost some little cash but it’s worth the investment. A good mentor will help place your feet on the right path from onset, this prevent you from experimenting with your business capital, trying to figure out what works and what works not.

Some important skills you need to learn include: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Communication, Time Management, and Team Building.

Why do businesses fail
8 Reasons why businesses fail

Poor customer service

Customer is the main boss, every business service the need of some group of customers. Pay attention to what your customers want and dish it to them, serve them diligently. Let them know that you are truly in business to serve them, support their business, give them freebies whenever you can and always show some gratitude.

Someone might want to ask, how do I know what my customers want? Ask, ask them what they expect from your business, what are their likes and dislikes about your business. These are the information you need to help you identify their opinion and how you can position your brand to suit their expectations.

We all love to be valued when spending, making money is not that easy these days, so show some respect to your customers and make them feel Important every time they approach your business.

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Inadequate market research

Do not start a business without conducting an effective market research. Inadequate market research is a factory that has crushed many businesses.

Before investing your capital, figure out if your business will be accepted when launched. Talk to people about your new business and seek their opinion, inspect your competitors to figure out the strategies that has helped them remain in business.

Find out how their customers are responding to their product and how they position themself within the market. These information will help you refine your business to the standard of your proposed customers expectation when you finally launch your business.

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Lack of adequate planning

Planning how you will implement your business idea is the first step to getting better result in business. It’s not a good practice to assume you will figure it out on the go without having a plan. Business has may stages and all these stages usually present some unexpected situation during your implementation. List all the issues that might arise and create a plan to overcome them.

Remember the saying that “when you fail to plan, you’re automatically planning to fail”

Write a business plan that will guide your business and it’s operations. The importance of a business plan is to help you have a document you can refer to at every stage of your business.

Your business plan could be a simple document that contain the actions you need to focus on, to help you get started with your business and be sure to constantly plan ahead once you achieve your documented plan.

If your goal is to seek fund from bank or an investor, then you need to write an official business plan that’s expected to contain 5-10 years forecast for your business.

Why do businesses fail
8 Reasons why businesses fail in Nigeria

Poor management

Starting a business comes with lot of responsibilities that you need to be prepared for. These include improving on business performance, creating a marketing strategy, building your team, and managing your customers.

At the early stage, you are most likely to be fully active within these departments. For you to get the best result, it’s important you start learning about these fields. You don’t need to know it all but have some basic knowledge, then surround yourself with professionals who knows more than you do and will be willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need support.

Hire competent staffs that will help you build your business. Best practice to getting the best performance from your staffs is for you to be clear about their role. Help each and everyone of them understand what you expect from them and the best way they can discharge their duties effectively.

Invest in your team, get the right tool that will soften their work and enhance their productivity.

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Lack of personal growth

To build a successful business, you need to build yourself first. Improve every aspect of your life, your appearance and communication skills are vital in business. When you can communicate effectively, it becomes easy for you to negotiate with your clients in a profitable way.

Communication is a skill every business owner needs to be good at.

If you can’t communicate effectively, chances are you won’t get as much as you deserve in your endeavor.

With a good communication skills you will be able to confidently express yourself and people will begin to take the actions you expect from them because you are able to help them understand your points better.

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Wrong location

Your location plays an essential role in the success of your business, in most cases it determine the level of client you will attract and how much you charge. If you can afford to position yourself in an a list location while getting started, then do that.

Make sure to have validated your business first, to make sure that people within such location need your business before bringing your capital to play.

If you can’t afford an a list location, it’s okay. Start where you are with what you have and always strive to get better so that you can change your location and position yourself within the market where high paying clients shop.

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This article aim at helping you understand the key areas you need to focus your attention when starting your business. Improving your skills within these area will help you build a business that will not only become successful but you will enjoy every aspect of your journey as a business owner.

Now, you have a clear knowledge of what to expect, the challenges you might encounter and best way to overcome such challenges.

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