profitable Online business in Nigeria you can start today

Profitable Online Business In Nigeria.

There are many profitable online business in Nigeria anyone can venture into but some takes time to become profitable while others pay almost immediately.

In this article I will focus on some of the few profitable online business in Nigeria that can help you start earning money almost immediately.

Website Development Agency

Website Development is in high demand and the pay is high. It’s easy to start your own website development agency since you don’t need much capital.

All you need is to learn how to design professional websites.

Click here to learn one of the fastest way to design professional websites.

Getting started, you need a laptop and dedication to have your own business.

Website developer charges a minimum of #60,000 up to millions of naira for a website project that can be completed in one day or two days using the principles described in the link above.

This makes website development one of the most profitable business in Nigeria you can start almost immediately.

I know how profitable this service could be because I am a website developer myself and during the early stage of my career, I got my first client the day I started promoting myself as a website developer.

After learning the skills, you can start by promoting yourself to friends, family and organization members (like church, mosque any any group you belong) that have a business and will like to elevate their business.

During my time, what I did was to browse through our newspaper archives.

Gather all the old newspaper and start looking for advertisers who didn’t include a website in their advert.

This means they don’t have a website because if they do it would be included within their advertisement. 

I bought a #500 recharge card and sent messages to them, I got a call latter that same day from someone asking if I could design a website for his business.

And since then I have been attracting more clients and getting recommendations from my existing customers.

Social Media Management

Many business owners don’t have much time to manage their online presence.

They prefer to hire a freelancer social media manager that can work remotely from his or her own location.

This gives you the flexibility of choosing your own working hours and location.

Managing social media platform for client is an easy task, you only need to be creative with your content.

Making sure that you publish content that online users will like to engage with.

I personally didn’t work as a social media manager but I have a lot of social media managers around me.

And I understand that it’s not as technical as some other online businesses.

You need to learn graphics Design to help you design images that can convert online users into customers.

Canva is a free online platform that can help you start designing amazing graphics content fast.

It’s a drag and drop application and they also have some premium features to help you elevate your graphics design performance.

Professional Blogging

Blogging is fun an interesting and it’s also a profitable online business in Nigeria you can start making money almost immediately.

Although it takes a little while to attract large traffic to your blog, yet you can start getting so gigs at the early stage.

What you need to do is start adding content to your blog to help you gain some attention then propose to interview business owners and publish their interview on your blog.

Many business owners love to be featured on online blogs and news websites.

This gives them more popularity and also presently them to be more relevant within their industry.

One good thing about this concept is that many of these business owners who have their interview on your blog will love to share the interview to audience on all their social media platforms.

This will automatically lead to free organic traffic for you after you’ve gotten some pay for the interview.

If they don’t reside in your city, you can conduct the interview online via video call or send the questions to them while they send the answers to you.

You might need to charge less at the early stage when you don’t have much traffic.

This will help you attract you first set for clients, then increase your price as your traffic begin to increase.

At this stage you can add other blog monetization platforms.

You could also create and sell online course on your blog, since you are already a blogger.

Compile all you’ve learnt about blogging into an online course that can help your readers who’s interested in blogging start their own blog.

Your readers will like to learn from you because they know that you are experienced within the field.

Making you a reliable source for anyone who is interested in learning blogging.

You check my online blogging course that teaches all you need to know to help you get started with your blog.

It also demonstrate how you can design your own blog using WordPress

Sell Digital Products

There are many digital products that can be sold online.

The most common and easy to start include selling an ebook or online course.

We all love to learn about our area of interest to help us get better.

This could be within any topic where we need information.

Whatever topic you are good at, there are people who needs your help within that topic and they will be willing to pay you to learn from you.

Digital product is a profitable online business in Nigeria you can start today.

You need to create the product once and continue to sell for as long as the information remains relevant.

Graphics Design

I talked briefly about graphics design above and I will explain in details.

To start a graphic design business all you need is the skills and a laptop. You can sign up for programs that teaches graphics design.

This could be online or at any learning center close to you.

Applications like Canva makes it super easy for someone who has absolutely zero knowledge about graphics to start designing attractive design within a short period of time.

The application has thousands of free and premium template you can chooses from.

Customize the template and own it for yourself.

Graphics design goes in line with printing, apartment from the fact that your designs will be used for online promotion purposes. 

It is also needed for print jobs like flyers, business cards, letter head paper.

And it goes as far as creating designs for signpost and billboard which is more profitable.

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Online business is a lucrative business that goes beyond freelancing.

It could grow into becoming a company that will have many staffs and branches.

You might need to backup your digital skills.

Some business knowledge which include entrepreneurship, marketing, time management, team building and communication skills.

These skills help help you grow and scale up your online business fast.

You can also reach me for guidance and assistance.

I wish you the best of luck.

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