Business Intelligence BI For Nigeria Business

Business Intelligence BI Tools For Nigeria Business

Introduction to Business Intelligence BI

Businesses are driven by data and with Business intelligence (BI) these data are tranquil to access. – Business Intelligence BI For Nigeria Business

It could become arduous trying to manually retrieve an information from a bunch of data, that’s where BI comes to play.

Making it undemanding to access your information with few clicks.

Powering critical decision-making for better business performance is essential for business growth.

With the help of meaningful insights and data visualizations you can enhance your decision making process for peak performance.

What is business Intelligence 

Business intelligence (BI) is best described as a software or an application that process business data and presents the result in a user-friendly views such as charts, graphs or dashboard.

How does business intelligence work?

Business Intelligence rely on database storage and a processor for it’s performance, this can be referred to as the data warehouse.

The data warehouse receive a wide range of business information being archived for later use and group them based on their identical characteristics.

These information can be retrieved individually or group through the processor command passing signal to the database about the information it needs to provide.

The results are commonly presented in notes report, table, graph or chart.

Best example for the use of data warehouse could be requesting for last month’s sales result of a particular branch of a company.

The data warehouse will receive the request, browse through the storage that has loads of data, then present the requested data in a simple, easy to understand format. 

Advantages of Business Intelligence 

BI present organizations the opportunity to ask questions in plain language and get a simplified answer that can easily be understood.

Then base their decision making based on facts from past records and not guesses and assumptions.

Business Intelligence can help implement better decision towards production efficiency, marketing strategy, customer relations and supply chain.

BI gives the opportunity to easily access past and current insights about a company.

It makes it undemanding to monitor business operations and fix or make improvements on an ongoing basis, fueled by data insights.

Improve supply chain management by monitoring activity up and down the line and communicating results with partners and suppliers.

Business Intelligence Tools 

There are couple of business intelligence tools that simplify data processing unit for businesses and their strength varies in size robustness, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, and pricing.

Some of the most common BI includes

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1. Microsoft Power BI

It allows users to identify trends in real-time and has brand new connectors that allow you to up your game in campaigns.

This software allow users to integrate apps and deliver reports in real-time dashboards.


2. Oracle BI

Oracle BI is an enterprise portfolio of technology and applications for business intelligence.

This technology gives users pretty much all business intelligence capabilities, such as dashboards, proactive intelligence, ad hoc, and more.


3. SAP Business Objects

This BI tool offers comprehensive reporting, analysis and interactive data visualisation.

The platform deliver it’s performance by providing data related to Customer Experience (CX), digital supply chain, ERP and more.

Interestingly, this tool simplify the ability of it’s user to build their own dashboards and applications and it’s intended for all roles (IT, end uses and management) that offers tons of functionalities in one platform.


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4. Datapine

A business intelligence tool that process and streamline heavy data into different categories making it easy for users to access the required data.

It helps in performing advanced data analysis, build interactive business dashboards and generate actionable business insights.


5. MicroStrategy

An enterprise business intelligence tool that offers high speed data analytics, cloud solutions and hyper intelligence.

This solution help users identify trends that enhance new opportunities, use such trend to improve performance and increase productivity.


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6. SAS Business Intelligence

A powerful business intelligence tool that offers advanced predictive analytics. This tool’s foundation was dated back 1970s when it was first introduced.

With the aid of it’s sophisticated APIs, SAS provide it’s users with high-level data integration and advanced analytics reporting.


7. QlikSense

QlikSense distinct itself by it’s responsive interface that can be easily accessed through computers and mobile devices.

It’s an engaging and interactive tool that offers high performance cloud system


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8. Zoho Analytics

Zoho gives it’s users the opportunity to an automatic data syncing that can be scheduled to run periodically.

It also gives the benefit of blending and merging data from multiple source to create a single comprehensive report.


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9. Sisense

Sisense is a user-friendly platform that can easy be managed by anyone with little to zero knowledge about computing.

It’s easy to understand and navigate around the platform. It allows you merge data from various sources, including Adwords, Google Analytics and Salesforce.


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In a nutshell, Business intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used by corporation for the data analysis and management of business information.

If you’re not using Business Intelligence yet, then you might need to check some of the BI Tools mentioned above and select the tool that align with your business goal.

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