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Communication is not the same as broadcasting, or simply sending out information. – Best Effective Communication Course In Port Harcourt

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It is a two-way process

In other words, it involves both the sending and receiving of information.

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It therefore requires both speaking and listening, but also—and perhaps more crucially—developing a shared understanding of the information being transmitted and received.

If you are the ‘sender’ of information, this means communicating it clearly to start with (whether in writing or face-to-face), then asking questions to check your listeners’ understanding. You must also then listen to their replies, and if necessary, clarify further.

If you are the recipient, it means listening carefully to the information, then checking that you have understood by reflecting back, or asking questions to ensure that you both have the same understanding of the situation.

It is, therefore an active process. There is nothing passive about communication, in either direction. – Best Effective Communication Course In Port Harcourt

How to communicate effectively?

In various work situations, you will employ different Communication Skills. However, there are a few simple ways to become an effective communicator in the workplace:

a) Be clear and concise

To ensure easy and effective communication, make your message short using concise language. Avoid lengthy and detailed sentences, focusing instead on the core meaning of your message. While providing context can be helpful, prioritise sharing the essential information to effectively convey your idea, instruction, or message.

b) Practice empathy – Best Effective Communication Course In Port Harcourt

Understanding your colleagues’ feelings, ideas, and goals can enhance communication. For instance, empathise with their concerns or hesitations when seeking assistance from other departments for a project. By considering their perspective, you can position your message to address their apprehensions and foster cooperation.

c) Assert yourself respectfully

Sometimes, it’s necessary to be assertive in the workplace to achieve your goals, such as asking for a raise, pursuing project opportunities, or expressing disagreement with an unfavourable idea.

Present your thoughts with confidence while maintaining respect in conversations. Use an even tone and provide sound reasons for your assertions to increase the likelihood of others being receptive to your ideas.

d) Maintain calmness and consistency

When faced with disagreements or conflicts, it’s crucial to remain calm and composed during communication. Avoid letting emotions dictate your interactions.

Be mindful of your body language, refraining from crossing your arms or displaying negative gestures. Consistently maintain a neutral tone of voice and body language to facilitate peaceful and productive resolutions.

e) Pay attention to body language

Body language plays a significant role in workplace communication. Pay close attention to the non-verbal cues expressed through others’ facial expressions and body movements. – Best Effective Communication Course In Port Harcourt

Equally important is being mindful of your body language and the unintentional messages it may convey. By understanding and using body language effectively, you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your communication.

Communication Skills for job interviews

In a job interview, make sure to actively listen to the person speaking to you. Make sure to sit straight and make eye contact with the interviewers whenever you are speaking. Remember to speak confidently, be positive, make eye contact and smile.

Almost everything you do, both in terms of the job interview as well as in life, can be seen as a form of communication. By correctly identifying and assessing your strengths and weaknesses and practising good communication habits, you can become a better communicator.

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