How to sell without selling

How to sell without selling.

One of the best approach to making more sales is to sell without selling.

People don’t like to be sold to, they feel reluctant paying you if your approach is focused on selling to them.

But more pleased with you when you try to help them.

Especially when you carefully analyze the value of your product and how it will be of help to them.

They will be glad to pull out their wallet and say “Take My Money”.

This strategy is widely accepted. Weather you are selling online or traditionally, it works wonders. 

This is one of my primary strategy that has help my clients gotten good value for their money simply by buying my products.

The concept is to create a free training that will educate our audience about how our product will be of help to them.

We dish out profound selling tips for free and demonstrate best ways to implement it, to help increase business sales.

If you come across any of my free training and you find it helpful, that is a clear sign that my premium course will help you sell your products and make you more money. Sell without selling

Paying me for my premium course won’t be a problem because I already added value to you through my free training.

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Let me share this store with you…

I was in a restaurant eating. Shortly, a man walked in for a meal.

After his meal, he walked up to me, introduced himself and told me he is a salesperson for a real estate company.

He told me about some of his properties, prices and location. So I replied him by saying… I’m also into real estate and I told him the locations where I have properties for sale.

Immediately I told him that, he tried to round up with the conversation so he could leave.

I didn’t tell him I do real estate to scare him, I just wanted him to know. Hopefully, we can do business together.

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how to sell without selling
How to sell a product, service or idea

As the matter of fact…

One of the locations he mentioned to have property is my dream location and I could have bought from him.

But he wasn’t patient enough to find out. His intention was mainly selling to me and not to help me.

If he had come with the intention of helping me, we could have talked a little longer for him to find out that I’m interested in one of his locations.

As a salesperson myself, I realize that his approach is strictly based on making money and not about adding value to his customers.

So I decided to help him by providing some sales techniques that will help improve his sales pitch and make more sales.

Because If he had continued with his approach I know he would make very little sales and he later confirmed that he is not making enough sales.

In-fact other members of his team are doing far better than him and he is likely to lose his job if he didn’t scale up.

I made him understand that selling is about helping people get what they want, then you get what you want in returns.

I demonstrated some practice he could implement immediately to help him improve his selling technique.

The conversation lasted for over 30min

He enjoyed my ideas, because he knows it will work for him when he start implementing them.

He didn’t want the conversation to end, but I had to leave.

I had given him enough value that made him ask for more so I told him about my sales training coming up the following week.

He was more than happy to sign up and he made payment right away.

Let me analyze what this means in brief…

We met at the restaurant, he wanted to sell it to me but he couldn’t close the sale because it was so obvious that all he wanted was the sales and nothing more.

But I decided to help him without having the intention of selling anything to him.

He found my information helpful and he bought from me.

I only wanted to help him, but that made him pull out his wallet and said “Take My Money”.

In business, you don’t sell but you help.

Understand how your product or service will improve its buyer’s life and pitch that during your sales process.

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List 5 ways you can help your prospect without requesting money from them.

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