Sterling Bank Transfer Code

We will be briefing you all you need to know about Sterling Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria for we will be able to educate every student who may be finding it difficult to transfer money to another account or to an account that needs an urgent attention. 

So we have tried all our best to ensure that you have a safe and fast transfer of cash to any individual you may be willing to credit his or her account on Sterling Bank Transfer Code using the update below.

Meanwhile, you have to take cognizant of all the available Sterling Bank Transfer Code in this platform as expected to. 

Note that the codes will be used to do so many other things depending on the payment you may be willing to use it for. 

Do well to stay in touch with us as we brief you all you need to know on Sterling Bank USSD Code the transfer codes in Nigeria. 

How to Register and Activate Sterling Bank Transfer Code

  • Simply dial *822# from the phone number registered with your account
  • Reply with 1 for registration
  • Enter the 10 digits of your bank account number
  • Enter the details of your debit card as requested
  • Create a 4-digit PIN
  • Re-enter your PIN for confirmation.

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You can also do the steps below:

  • Using the same number you used in opening your Sterling bank account Dial *822# on you GSM phone.
  •  Follow the on-screen prompt to create your four digit security PIN.
  • You can now start enjoying the services.

Features of Sterling Bank

  • With Sterling Bank USSD Code service, you can Register and Activate for Mobile Money
  • You can send money to friends and family
  • You can recharge airtime for yourself, friends and family
  • Check your balance

How to check Sterling Bank Account Balance via USSD Codes

  • Simply dial *822*6# on your GSM phone and your account balance will be displayed on your phone screen. This service may require a service

How to Transfer cash from Sterling Bank Account to Another Bank

  • For Sterling bank transactions dial *822*4*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#. You can transfer up to 100,000 per transaction and 500,000 per day using this servicservicetterling bank to other bank’s dial * 822*5*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER & BANK#. You can transfer up to 100,000 per transaction and 500,000 per day using this service. 

How to transfer money from Sterling Bank to Another Sterling Bank Account

  • Simply dial *822*4*AMODial *822*4*AMOUNT*NUBAN#UNT*NUBAN#

Sterling Bank Cardless Withdrawal – withdraw without ATM Card

  • Simply dial *822*42#
  • Select generate token by pressing option 1
  • Select the pin of your choice
  • Enter the pin again to confirm it.
  • A pay code will be sent to your phone.
  • Locate the nearest ATM that has cardless withdrawal or quickteller enabled.
  • Press enter and select Sterling money if it is a Sterling bank ATM. But if it is other bank ATM select pay code. Then enter your 12 digits code sent to your phone.
  • Enter your phone number, the amount you requested for withdrawal and pressure continue.
  • Finally, exercise  patient for the ATM to verify your details.
  • Once it is verified, your money will be put.

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 Sterling Bank SWIFT Code

Here is Sterling Bank Swift code to enable you transfer USD to Nigeria bank;


Sterling Bank Transfers Limit

  • Note that the daily cumulative limit of Sterling Bank USSD transfer code is 100,000 naira. In order words, this means that you are eligible to make transactions not more than 100,000 naira per day.
  • On the other hand, transactions above you need mobile app.

Sterling Bank Loan Requirement

  • You are an active customer of the bank
  • You have a business or corporate account in Sterling Bank
  • You have a registered business or company
  • You have a good Credit Bureau Report
  • You have been trading for some time (one to three years should be enough)

How to Apply for Sterling Bank Business

  • You will need to fill in a loan application form and provide supporting documents, such as:
  • Your company’s profile Bank statements Details about the collateral you are willing to offer
  • Proof of your address Your business plan Means of identification Cash flow budget


What is USSD Service?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It allows Sterling Bank customers have access to basic financial services by simply dialing *822#.

Benefits of using *822#

  • Automatically links all accounts, where customer has multiple accounts
  • Self-service registration.
    Customer can pay regular bills and utilities seamlessly
  • Does not require mobile data or internet.
    It works with any kind of mobile device
  • Easy, simple, fast and convenient

Features of *822#

  • The service is available to all Telco (Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9Mobile).
  • Customers transact directly from their Sterling account.
  • Reliable network at customer location is required to access service.
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Customers can purchase airtime, pay bills, make transfers to any bank account in Nigeria.
  • Customer is required to create transaction PIN for secure transactions.
  • Default limit at registration is N20,000.
  • Customers who wish to increase their limit can do so with their debit card, to a maximum of N100,000 per transaction.
  • An additional PIN is required to transact with higher limits (Above N20,000 up to N100,000).

How do I recharge with *822#?

You can easily recharge your phone line at any time and from anywhere using Sterling’s *822#. It is easy, fast and convenient.


To recharge your phone dial *822*AMOUNT# 


From your phone, dial *822*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone 


To send airtime to a third party, dial  *822*AMOUNT*PhoneNumber# 


Dial *822*500*08123456789# from your mobile phone to recharge your friend’s phone with ₦500 airtime

Are there benefits/features of recharging with *822#?


  • It’s easy, swift and simple to use
  • Airtime can be purchased at any time and from anywhere.
  • Transaction is less than 20 seconds to receive value.
  • Purchase airtime from any of your individual accounts in Sterling bank


  • Daily airtime top up limit is N20,000.
  • The service is available to Airtel, Etisalat, GLO and MTN subscribers.
  • Value is debited directly from your STERLING account.

Reliable network at customer location is required to access service

How do I transfer funds with *822#?

Transfer funds using 822 anywhere, anytime and to any bank in Nigeria.


To transfer funds, dial  *822*Amount*AccountNumber# 


Dial *822*20000*0071234567# to transfer ₦20,000. Follow the prompts to verify details and complete transaction with transaction PIN.

Are there benefits/features of transferring funds with *822#?


  • It’s convenient and saves you the stress of going to the bank and filling forms.
  • The transaction processes within 20 seconds.
  • With *822#, you can transfer funds to any bank in Nigeria, and other Financial Institutions.
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


  • Default transfer transaction limit is N20,000, and daily limit is N100,000.
  • Customer can transfer up to N100,000 by creating a new PIN.
  • Works with phone numbers registered with customer’s Sterling Bank account.
  • Value is debited directly from your STERLING account.
  • Reliable network at customer location is required to access service.

*822# Dial4Cash How do I pay bills with *822#?

Its stressful enough to work daily so you can afford to sort your bills, why should it be stressful to pay those bills? Sterling 822 is making your bill payment needs one less thing to worry about. Pay your DSTV, electricity, subscriptions and many more with Sterling *822#


To pay a bill, dial *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount# or *simply *822*2# to see different billers.


From your phone, dial *822*881099*41234567890*10650# to pay for a ₦10650 DStv plan 

1099DStvSmart Card Number

How do I make card-less withdrawals with *822#?

We all know how frustrating it is when you get to the ATM and find out you forgot your card at home. With Dial4Cash, you don’t need a card to withdraw money from the ATM. It’s easy, seamless and secure.


In need of cash and you are not with your debit card? Simply dial *822*42# 


From your phone, dial *822*42# and follow the prompts to create a one-time PIN (OTP). Enter your transaction pin for confirmation, a code will be sent to your mobile number via SMS.

At the ATM, enter the code, amount and the One Time Pin created, to get your cash.

Are there benefits to using card-less withdrawals with *822#?


  • Get cash at the ATM without using your debit card.
  • Easy means to send cash to friends and family, without compromising your debit card information.
  • This service is available 24/7 on all quickteller enabled ATMs.


  • Transaction limit for cardless withdrawal is N20,000.
  • Works with phone numbers registered with customer’s Sterling Bank account.
  • Value is debited directly from your STERLING account.
  • Reliable network at customer location is required to access service.

How do I manage my cards with *822#?

Are you travelling and you need your debit card to work in your destination country? Sterling’s card management feature enables you to manage the channels (POS, ATM, WEB) you want your debit card to function, and the country where you want the card enabled/disabled. This service also enables you change PIN and activate your debit card instantly.


  • Dial *822*19# and select card management, to either to Disable or Enable channel or Country option
  • Dial *822*19# and select Card activation to activate your debit card after pick up.
  • Dial *822*19# and select Pin Change to change your debit card Pin instantly.


Travelling to the United States? Dial *822*19# and select the country you wish to enable/disable the card for.

Want to curb a spending habit? Dial *822*19# and select the channels you wish to disable and enable your cards for. 

Do you feel your PIN has been compromised, and you can’t quickly get to an ATM? No worries, dial *822*19# to instantly change your card PIN.

Are there benefits with managing my cards with *822#?


  • Easily control how your debit card works from your convenience.
  • Save the trip to the bank to enable your cards in certain countries when you are travelling.
  • This service is enabled/disabled instantly, and the process is within 20 seconds.
  • This service is available 24/7 to USSD registered customers.


  • All debit card tied to customers profile will be displayed.
  • Works with phone numbers registered with customer’s USSD service.
  • Customer enters USSD transaction PIN to conclude transaction (N:B not card PIN)
  • Reliable network at customer location is required to access service.

How do I reset my PIN using *822#?

Has your PIN been compromised? Or have you forgotten your transaction PIN? Yes? Alright, you can easily reset your USSD transaction PIN with this service.


To change your PIN, dial *822#, select Pin Reset


  • Protects you from account breach, if you feel your PIN has been compromised.


  • It is entirely Self Service
  • Secure and convenient

Can I check my balance with *822#?

You don’t need to memorize your account number or your last account balance. With 822 you can easily keep track of your transactions, checking you balance is just a dial away.


To check your account number:    *822*8#

TO check your Account Balance:  *822*6# 


  • Fast, convenient and simple
  • No need to enter the banking hall or fill any forms

Check your account balances anywhere

How can I open an account with *822#?

Opening an account just got easier with Sterling’s *822#, and get your account number instantly.


Simply dial *822*7# and follow the onscreen prompts.


  • Open an account without completing any form.
  • Save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Deposit and withdraw money at any Sterling Bank location.


  • Maximum single deposit of N20,000
  • Maximum cumulative balance of N200,000 at any point in time
  • Maximum transaction limit of N3,000 and daily limit of N30,000
  • No airtime or data needed to open an account

How do I make merchant payments with *822#?

Save yourself the stress of carrying cash, you can now pay merchants directly from your bank account without your debit card. Sterling’s 822 enables you make payment at your merchant’s location using USSD.


You can easily pay profiled merchants by simply dialing;

*822*28*AMOUNT*MERCHANTCODE# – For Sterling registered Merchants

*822*000*RefNo# – For Coral Pay registered Merchants

*822*22*Sellercode*Amount# – For MCash Merchants (Coming Soon)

Kindly ask merchant for his/her codes to make payment


  • Customer can make payments up to the approved USSD transaction limit.
  • Works with phone numbers registered with customer’s Sterling Bank account.
  • Value is debited directly from your STERLING account.
  • Reliable network at customer location is required to access service.


  • It’s quick and simple to use
  • More convenient to use, and protects against card related frauds.
  • Merchant receives value instantly (T&Cs apply)

Other FAQs

How can I register for the Service?

You can automatically register for the service if you are an account holder by dialing *822*1*NUBAN# OR the system automatically prompts you to register when you try any transaction. As part of the registration process, you will be required to create a PIN to enable you access the Intra and Inter Bank transfer services on the USSD platform. Corporate account holders are not eligible. 

Do I need to have airtime on my Phone line to access this service?

For airtime purchase on Airtel, Etisalat, GLO and MTN, you do not need to have airtime on your phone. 

What is the maximum amount of airtime i can buy?

You can buy up to N20,000 airtime in a single purchase, and N20,000 limit per day. 

What is the maximum amount I can transfer?

You can transfer up to N20,000 per transaction with PIN 1, and up to N100,000 per transaction with PIN 2, with a daily limit of N100,000 for savings and current account. 

What happens if my transfer or airtime top up fails and my account has been debited?

An auto reversal to credit your account will be effected within 24 hours. If this does not take place, kindly contact our Contact Centre on 07008220000 or send an email to

What can I do if I misplace my phone?

Call our contact Centre to disable USSD service on your account.

How secure is the USSD service?

You are required to set and confirm your PIN (4-digit) at the point of registration. This PIN is personal and should be kept safe. Also you will be prompted to create a PIN 2 using your debit card, if you wish to transfer above N20,000 per transaction.

Charges Applicable

Transfer – within Sterling – N21.5 (VAT inclusive)

Other banks – 

  • N0 – N5,000 : N10.75 (VAT inclusive)
  • N5,001 – N50,000 : N26.88 (VAT inclusive)
  • N50,001 and above : N53.75 (VAT inclusive)

Check Account Balance – N10.75 (VAT inclusive)

Retrieve Account Number – N10.75 (VAT inclusive)

Bill Payment – N107.5 (VAT inclusive)

Merchant Payment – N21.5 (VAT inclusive)

About Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank originally incorporated in 1960 as Nigeria Acceptances Limited (NAL). The Bank was licensed as Nigeria’s first merchant Bank in 1969. 

Consequent to the indigenisation decree of 1972, the Bank became fully government owned and was managed in partnership with Grindlays Bank Limited, Continental International Finance Company Illinois and American Express Bank Limited between 1974 and 1992. 

In 1992, the Bank was partly privatised and listed as a public company on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE). Eight years later, in 2000, the Federal Government sold its residual interest in the Bank, effectively making it a fully privatised institution.

In January 2006, as part of the consolidation of the Nigerian banking industry, NAL Bank completed a merger with four other Nigerian Banks namely, Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank, Trust Bank of Africa and Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank (INMB) and adopted the name ‘Sterling Bank’. 

The merged entities were successfully integrated and have operated as a consolidated group ever since.

In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s repeal of universal banking, Sterling Bank now operates as a national commercial bank.

Disposing of holdings in subsidiaries and affiliate companies. In mid-2011, Sterling Bank acquired the franchise of the erstwhile Equatorial Trust Bank.

Under a special resolution on September 19, 2022, Sterling Bank Plc transitioned to Sterling Bank Ltd, emerging as a subsidiary of Sterling Financial Holdings Company Plc.

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