How to make money online in Nigeria

Make Money Online in Nigeria.

If you’re look for a way to make money online in Nigeria. Avoid the rat race, own a job that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere of your choice within your own convenient time.

This article will help you understand how you can make money online in Nigeria by providing a digital service or selling a product.

Making money online has two parts.

You can either sell a product or
Provide a service

Use the internet to sell your existing product or source for any good product you can sell online.

You can also provide a digital service. Learn any digital skills of your choice and sell your service on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and other related websites.

Now! Let’s talk about some of the guarantee ways to make money online in Nigeria.


Blogging is one of the old fashion ways that’s still tending and becoming more rewarding everyday.

You need to pick a niche that’s comfortable for you, and provide articles within that niche that will engage online users.

The reward of a blog comes through it’s visitors, the more visitors you have on your blog is the more money you will make.

Bloggers make money mostly through sponsorship, Ad-sense, affiliate links among others.

To start a blog you need to create your blog. You can create it yourself or hire someone to do that for you.

Remember, knowledge is power. Before starting your blog it good you learn about how the entire blogging system works.

I have an online course that’ll teach you professional blogging including how you can create your blog using WordPress.

Make Money Online in Nigeria through E-commerce

If you are looking for a trending way to make money online in Nigeria, then try e-commerce. It’s about using the internet to sell a product.

You can sell your products on platforms like jumia, konga, jiji amount others. Social media platforms is also a good market place to see your products online.

And you can develop your own e-commerce website similar to the likes of jumia and konga. If you have a blog, you can also sell your products using your blog.

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Social Media Management

This is a common way many youth make money online in Nigeria by becoming a social media manager.

Their job is to help busy entrepreneurs gain attention to their business through social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram.

Create content that will interest and encourage social media user to patronize the brand. As a social media manager, you can help create and manage ads campaign too.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you help others sell their product for commission.

Many websites in Nigeria have affiliate programs, browse through the menu items of your favorite brand to see their affiliate program.

Create an account and have access to your affiliate link. Promote your affiliate link using platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, blog and lots more.

Whenever anyone buy the product through your affiliate link, you get paid a commission for the sales.

Graphics Design

This is another good way to make money online in Nigeria, learn the skill and create gig on Upwork and Fiverr.

Large, medium, and small scale businesses frequently use graphic designs for product branding, advertisement and social media engagement.

Aside the gigs, you can work directly with businesses around you, since company of all side use graphic designs to project their business.

Make Money Online in Nigeria through Video Editing

With the increasing population of YouTubers in Nigeria, video editing is a skill that makes the magic happen.

Some YouTubers edit their video themself while others hire a video editor to manage the video editing aspect of their business.

Video editing goes beyond sourcing for clients online, it has countless opportunities that can help you attract clients continuously.

Getting started require you to learn and understand the skill and you are good to set up your own video editing agency.

Website Development

The need for website increases everyday as new businesses pop-up and they need a website to enhance an effective digital presence for their business.

Website Development is a reoccurring business where your customers will keep paying you every year to keep their website active online.

Other means of income for web developer include maintenance fee. This is to constantly check the websites back-end to make sure everything is working fine.

Mobile App Development

App development is also on the rise as businesses are making it easy for their customers to reach them.

Many business that own a website usually request for a mobile app development service for their business. All of these serves as an effective marketing tool that help enhance the growth of their business.

Software Development

Software makes it easy for businesses to work smart, that why businesses adopt the use of software to speed up their work process and also reduce number of employees.

Some decade ago, businesses like hospitals are known for keeping files of all their patients.

Once you arrive, you will be asked for your file number and the hospital clerk will manually check amount the files to search for yours.

Now, all of that is been done using software. All the data are being store in cloud and could be easily accessed with just some few clicks.

Also, other businesses use software to soften various aspect of their job especially account software as about 85% of business adopt the use of one accounting software or the other.

This makes software development a rewarding way to make money online in Nigeria.

Content Writing

Content writing is the first and most important aspect of every advertisement, online or traditionally.

All adverts are usually been planned and written before it’s been delivered. It could be delivered and a TV commercial, radio jingle, online short video ad and other advertising format.

As a writer, you can also be hired to write business plans and other business related documents.

Some musicians also request the service of a content writer to help them write their song.

If you have passion for writing, then content writing is a good way for you to make money online in Nigeria.

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This has made so many young millionaires in Nigeria. Becoming a youtuber is fun and interesting.

Your job is to engage online users with educating, informative, or entertaining video and you get commission from adverts that are being displayed alongside your video.

Being a youtuber also makes it easy for you to sell your products or help others sell their product online simple by including the link to such product within the description section of your video.

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Sell eBook

Selling eBook is a profitable way to make money online in Nigeria and it’s much easier to create an eBook.

Your eBook could be delivered in plain text, PDF, or word document format.

You can sell your eBook through your blog and YouTube, you can also run sponsored ads to advertise your book to those that will be interested in it.

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Sell Online Course

If there’s any skills you’re good at, then you can teach that skills to others who need knowledge within such field.

There’s no fix amount to the price of an online course. It depends on the value of your course content.

Online blog and YouTube is a good platform to sell an online course without spending much on ads.

This platforms will help you attract organic users who watch your video or read your blog post.

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All the above mentioned are effective ways to make money online in Nigeria. But make sure to choose an online business that’s best for you.

A business you will become passionate about, be willing to keep learning about new trends as you continue to build your online business.

Feel free to reach out to me for more guidance and assistance on how to get started.

I wish you luck.

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