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Are you stranded at a remote location where you can’t find a retail store to buy a recharge card, you cannot buy airtime from your bank due to one reason or the other, and did not want to borrow from the network? Now, the only means is a friend with a sufficient airtime balance.

Or, you or someone very close to you wants to give away airtime but doesn’t know how to?

Then, what will be on your mind at this moment are; how to transfer airtime on Glo, how to transfer credit from Glo to Glo, or how to transfer credit on Glo for the first time.

If you’re seeking answers to that, then you’re on the right page where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Glo airtime transfer.

Without any further ado, Let’s get started!

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo

You can transfer airtime on Glo by simply dialing *312*[Recipient’s Number]*Amount*[Your PIN]#, then a message will show on your screen asking you to confirm your transaction.

Once this is done, your friend or whoever you want to transfer the airtime to will receive a notification message from Glo confirming their line has been credited with the exact amount you sent.

Come to talk of “Your PIN”, what does that mean?

Before you can successfully transfer airtime on any network, you’ll first need a transfer pin/code.

This will make the network know that you’re the one initiating the transaction and not an unauthorized person. Also, this code will prevent fraudsters from stealing your airtime.

Since the code is as important as that, then how do you get the Glo transfer code?

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How to Get Glo Transfer Code

You can get the Glo transfer code by dialing *132*[Default PIN]*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#.

The Glo default transfer pin is 00000.

Now, for example; Say your intended new pin is 31045, just dial *132*00000*31045*31045#, then a pop-up will display on your screen asking you to confirm you requested a new pin. Once you confirm it, your pin will be changed to your new one instantly.

Please keep in mind that your new pin must be entered twice, or else, you won’t be able to get a new Glo transfer code.

Once that is done correctly, you’ll receive a notification message from Glo confirming you just changed your transfer pin to a new one.

And that’s it, you can now proceed to transfer airtime by following any of the methods below.

How to Transfer Credit From Glo to Glo

You can transfer airtime from Glo to Glo by simply dialing *312*[Recipient’s Glo Number]*Amount*[Your PIN]#.

For example; Say your transfer pin is 31045 and you want to transfer N100 to 07050000000, just dial *312*07050000000*100*31045#.

Then you’ll see a pop up on your screen asking you to confirm your transaction.

Once your transaction is confirmed, you have successfully transferred N100 to the number (it may be your friend, colleague, or anybody).

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Other Methods to Transfer Airtime on Glo

If you’re a fan of our website, you should know we don’t give just a way of doing something, instead, we provide multiple ways/solutions to problems. And that’s why we are Networkwayout.

Yeah!  We help you find your way out.

Anyways, we’ve got other ways, methods, and tricks on how to transfer airtime on Glo.

You wanna know them, right?

Then let’s go!

Via SMS (Text Message)

I know there are lots of Glo users seeking how to transfer airtime on Glo via SMS.

But it is quite unfortunate that unlike MTN airtime transfer, where you can send an airtime transfer request to a specified MTN code, Glo doesn’t allow such. 

Therefore, if someone is telling you that you can transfer credit on Glo via SMS, and is glad to tell you that’s a very beautiful lie (Lol).

Calling the Customer Care Line

How to transfer credit on Glo by calling customer care. Is that possible?

For me, I think the answer is NO!

Think of it, if that is possible, that means a stranger can just take your phone and call customer care to transfer airtime from your line to theirs.

Now you get it.

As a matter of fact, I called the Glo customer care line for the purpose of this guide.

I spoke to a representative and asked her if they can help me transfer airtime from my number to another Glo number. She said no and refer me to the USSD code method. She called out the code, instructed me to do it the right way, and ended the call.

Therefore, it is not possible to transfer airtime by calling the Glo customer care line.

Sending a Mail to Glo Customer Care

If you’re among those searching for how to transfer airtime on Glo via Email, here’s an answer for you.

I don’t think it is possible to transfer airtime/credit on Glo via this method.

Think of it, how do you want the customer care to identify that you’re the real owner of the line?

I guess you now understand.

I also sent a mail to them asking them to help me transfer airtime from my Glo line (I stated the number) to another Glo line. But till the time of writing this article, I’ve never gotten a reply from them, and my account wasn’t charged. 

Therefore, if it is possible, they will reply to me, or deduct the amount I asked them to transfer from my account balance.

Who Can Transfer Airtime on Glo?

Every Glo user irrespective of their current tariff plan or SIM type (whether 2G, 3G, or 4G) can transfer airtime on the Glo network.

However, there are some basic requirements that are needed to be passed to qualify for airtime transfer on Glo.

Here are they;

  • You must have a sufficient account balance of at least the amount you want to transfer.
  • You must know your transfer pin.

Once those requirements are met, you can transfer airtime on Glo at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer airtime on Glo?

Yes, you can transfer airtime on Glo. It doesn’t matter what tariff plan you’re currently on, Glo doesn’t restrict any users from transferring credit.

Why can’t I transfer airtime on Glo?

Not being able to transfer airtime on Glo may be to any of the following reasons.

  • You do not have a sufficient airtime balance to transfer from.
  • You are owing Glo money
  • You’ve forgotten your transfer PIN
  • You entered the wrong Recipient’s phone number (maybe it is not complete)
  • Your entered the wrong USSD code
  • You entered the wrong PIN.
  • You’ve hit your daily transfer limit.

If all these problems are sorted out, and you still can’t transfer airtime on your Glo line, then call the Glo customer line (121)

What is the code to transfer airtime on Glo

The USSD code to transfer airtime on Glo is *312*Reciever’s phone no.*Amount*PIN#.

After sending this, you’ll see a message pop up on your phone’s screen asking you to confirm your transfer transaction.

Once it is confirmed, your account will be charged and the receiver’s account will be credited.

How to create Glo airtime transfer code?

To create Glo airtime transfer code, simply dial *132*Default PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN#, and then reply with 1 to confirm your change of pin.

How to reset Glo transfer code/pin?

You can reset your Glo transfer PIN by dialing *132*Default PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN#, and then reply with 1 to confirm your change of pin.

How to transfer credit on Glo for the first time?

You can transfer credit on Glo for the first time by just dialing *312*[Recipient’s Glo Number]*Amount*[Default Pin]#.

The Glo default transfer pin is 00000.

Some Important Fact About Glo

Globacom Limited, commonly known as Glo (Global communication), is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. As of June 2018, the company employs more than 3,500 people worldwide. 

GLO has over 45 million subscribers (December 2018), making it the second largest network operator in Nigeria.

In 2011, GLO became the first telecommunication company to build an $800 million high-capacity fibre-optic cable known as Glo-1, a submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. It is the first successful submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Globacom has the following strategic business units: Glo mobile, Glo Broad Access, Glo Gateway and Glo-1.

GLO is privately owned by the Mike Adenuga Group which also consists of Cobblestone Properties and Estates, a real estate and property development company, Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing company, and Conoil Producing, a crude exploration and production company.

Glo Mobile

Glo Mobile, a subsidiary of Globacom, is Nigeria’s second largest Mobile Network Operator. 

In the first year of operation, it had one million subscribers in over 87 towns in Nigeria and over 120 billion Naira in revenues. 

The network Glo Mobile has now spread to other African countries, namely Benin and Ghana. 

Glo Mobile’s subscriber base in Nigeria stood at over 45 million by December 2018. As at November, 2020, the subscription level has hit 54 million.

Glo 1 submarine cable

The GLO-1 is the first successful submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, and GLO is the first individual African company to embark on such a project.

GLO-1 has the potential to provide high speed internet services, faster, more reliable and cheaper telecom services. Glo-1 will potentially facilitate foreign investment and employment opportunities especially to Africans.

The 9,800 km long cable originates from Bude in the UK and is laid from this origin to Alpha Beach in Lagos, where it will have its landing station. 

Glo-1 will also improve teleconferencing, distance learning, disaster recovery and telemedicine among several other benefits for Nigerians and the people of West Africa.

By country

In August 2003, Glo Mobile was launched in Nigeria. Glo Mobile introduced lower tariffs, pay per second billing and alongside other value added services. 

Although Glo Mobile was the fourth GSM operator to launch in Nigeria, within seven years of the company’s operation, its subscriber base has grown to over 25 million.

In June 2008, Glo Mobile was launched in Benin. Glo Mobile showed unprecedented growth through the sale of 600,000 SIM cards in the first ten days of operation. 

Glo Mobile offered Per Second Billing, which charges subscribers for the exact airtime used. 

They also offered other value added services such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), Glo Magic Plus news and information, vehicle tracking, musical ring-back tones and mobile banking.

In May 2008, GLO acquired an operating license through its Glo Mobile division in Ghana and plans to capture 30% of the current 11 million subscriber market within 18 months of launch. 

They plan on achieving this goal by launching with bundled voice and Internet services for Ghana and through specifically targeting ‘un-serviced’ areas outside Ghana’s two major cities, Accra and Kumasi. 

Glo Mobile was set to launch in Ghana in the first quarter of 2010. This has however been postponed to the third quarter of 2011, and again to 2012. 

In January 2012, Glo Ghana opened the “Reserve your number” campaign, but still without opening the network. 

On 8 April 2011 GLO launched the sub-marine optical fiber GLO1, one part of its maiden operation in Ghana, to usher in another major player in the Ghana telecommunication industry.

In October 2009, GLO acquired submarine cable landing rights and International Gateway Services in Côte d’Ivoire.


In situations where you or your friends need airtime urgently and can’t find a way of recharging from your bank or buying a recharge card from a retail store, you have no option but to transfer airtime to each other.

Glo has made that very easy that with just a few clicks, you’re done.

I believe you’ve learned and know exactly how to transfer airtime on Glo, how to reset your transfer pin, and the requirements needed to qualify for Glo airtime transfer.

I hope you find this post helpful? Then, drop a comment below so that others could know if the method I showed you worked.

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