We all have 24Hrs a day, no matter how fast you are at completing tasks, you can never work 25Hrs, even within that said 24Hrs you need time to rest and also do other petty activities. Yet we still have the desire to get much more done.

How can we achieve this?

One effective way to grow and expand your business is to increase your productivity and this can be achieved when you understand how you can buy into other people’s time, then you can accomplish more task and still create time for people and things that matters to you most.

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Ajibola Rilwan (Realone)

Ajibola Rilwan is a Business Consultant & Business Developer who has been prevailed to work with many reputable companies home and abroad by helping them grow and expand their company to enable them maximize profit. He is the founder and lead instructor at Realone Business School. RC: 1628333.


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