Entrepreneurship Masterclass Lagos

Program Details

  • Start Date 06/29/2024
  • Start Time 10:00 AM
  • End Date 06/29/2024
  • End Time 04:00 PM
  • Location LCCI Ikeja - 10 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive, Secretariat B/s Ikeja 101233, Lagos Nigeria

There are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur. Business success is not based on luck, it’s based on hard work and determination to succeed.

Once you set your mind at something and you learn how to succeed at it, then you will surely succeed. Our Entrepreneurship Training will help you build, grow and expand your business successfully.

This program will help you understand how to build a business that’ll succeed. You’ll learn how to build a new business from scratch and also how to grow and expand an existing business.

To enable you succeed in business, its important you understand the principles that govern entrepreneurship and how you can implement them to help improve your business performance.

It’s not enough to have the perfect business idea, idea is cheap. People come up with various business idea on daily basics but not all these business idea is viable.

You need not just a business idea, but a business idea that will deliver great result.

When it comes to generating business idea, its important you clearly define your reasons for starting such business. This will help you choose a business idea that aligns with your purpose.

Its not enough to start a business just for money, money is a reward in exchange for value. Once you continuously add value to other people, they will always path their money with you as a reward for your effort.

This could be in form of the amount your charge for your product and services or it could be in form of support and donations.

There’s more to making money when it comes to starting a business.

Based on research, experience and exposure – I can confidently tell you that most people who start their business just to make money didn’t last in business because they care-less about other factors that could help them build a success business.

Every business serve the need of some group of people. Who are the group you want to serve with your business?

Do they truly need your product or have you build your product quality up to their expectations? As an entrepreneur, everything you do has to be focused on your audience because they are the reason why you are in business.

This entrepreneurship masterclass will help you understand how you can carefully select the best business idea that you will be happy in.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be happy with every aspect of your business because chances are you will spend most of your time building your business especially at the early stage so your business has to be fun to you.

Then it becomes easy to continuously improve performance in such business because it gives you fulfillment.

Once you have the perfect business idea, it’s essential to learn how to implement your idea with little or no risk and grow your business into becoming a multinational brand.

This Training teaches Entrepreneurship in details

This program will teach you the key elements required to start and manage a business successfully. No matter where you are in your business journey. You’re most likely to fall into any of the following categories:

  • You have an idea, but you’re not sure how to start your business.
  • You have no idea, but know you want to start a business.
  • You’ve already started your business and you need to expand your business.

Whatever category you fall into, you’re at the right place and We look forward to helping You further!

This program will help you become crystal clear about your business idea, turn the idea in your head into a profitable reality, develop new products or services, attract more customers and expand your business.

This program is created to help you build a new business and grow an existing business.

What you will learn in this Entrepreneurship Training

Clarity In Business

This is the first stage to becoming an entrepreneur, become clear about your entrepreneurial journey. Understand what you want and the best way to achieve result. This module will help you create the right career path as an entrepreneur.

Best Business Idea

Every individual has different personality, that’s why you need to understand the best business idea that aligns with your personality.

We’ve seen situations where two or more people venture in the same business, some of them succeed while others struggle to survive in the same business.

In business, what works for Mr. A might not necessarily work for Mr. B that’s because we all have specialized skills in different field.

There’s one common factor among people that excel in business, we build our business around our specialized skills. That’s the easiest way to succeed in business. This course will help you select a business idea that will work for your personality.

Market Research

Presenting the right product to the most appropriate market is a sure way to succeed in business.

To help you figure out how the market will respond to your business, you need to conduct a result oriented market research. This gives you a visibility of what to expect from the market once your product hit the market.

We’ve included a practical guide that will help you conduct the perfect market research for any business you choose to engage yourself.

Marketing and Sales

This is the heart of every business, no matter how good your product is, if you are unable to market and sell to the right audience, then you might be kicked out of business in no time.

Marketing and sales is an essential skills that’s common among successful entrepreneurs. Other common essential skills include communications, team building and management, time management and leadership.

When you know how to sell, it becomes easy for you to sell anything to anyone. It’s a clear fast that people who make the most profit in business are those who know how to sell. This program teaches the basic on how you can sell your product and service in an appealing way that will encourage people to buy your product.

Business Planning

There’s a common saying that “if you fail to plan, then you’ve automatically plan to fail.” Planning how you’ll implement your business idea helps you reduce the level of risk you might encounter.

During this stage, you need to learn and make adequate research about every important aspect of your business, and carefully write down the entire stages to your business implementation process.

Your business plan will guide you during your implementation process, working with a business plan helps you remain focused, reduce risks, and improve your performance.

This program demonstrate how to write a business plan that works.

You will also have access to over 500 professional business plan for different industry.

These business plans are created using realistic and applicable information about various industry. This means that you can pick anyone that talks about your kind of business, customize it to suit your business needs and make use of it.

Business Structuring

The kind of structure your business operates will determine how fast you will grow and expand your business.

Creating a rewarding structure will help each and every member of your employee understand how best to discharge their duties effectively and accordingly which will automatically increase their productivity level leading to rapid growth for your business. This module will help you create a rewarding structure for your business.

Business Idea Validation

We already talked about business idea generation above, now lets talk about business idea validation. After selecting a business idea that aligns with your personality, you need to validate such idea before investing your business capital.

Validation helps you test-run your idea to be sure that your idea will be accepted by your target audience when introduced to them.


This is one of the biggest challenge many new business encounter, raising fund for their new business. This program makes it easy for a new entrepreneur to understand the best practice to raise fund from banks and investors.

Aside banks and investors there are few other ways to successfully raise fund for a new business and all these practice are demonstrated in details in this program.

Team Building & Management

Your team play a huge role in building and managing your business. In-fact, they are the one that will build and continuously manage your business, so you must have the right team on board.

People that will become passionate towards helping your build and continuously grow your business.

It’s no more news that people are the most difficult to manage but when working with the right strategy. You’ll get to understand the principles that govern human management. It starts by hiring the right set of people, once you have the right guys onboard, the rest becomes easy.

This program will help you understand how you can hire the right set of people and also how you can manage your team in a way that’ll make them feel fulfilled working in your establishment.

Business Financing

How to continuously finance your business without owing your staffs or running into debt. It’s not a good practice having people work for you for 30 days and not paying them at the end of the month.

For many businesses that engage in such practice, its not an intentional act. It’s due to lack of business financing skills, this program will help you understand how you can manage your business financing smoothly that will allow your business run on auto-pilot even when you are not around.

As an entrepreneur it’s not your primary duty to run your business.

Its essential to be actively present during the early stage to oversee the effectiveness of your team (employee) and your tools (equipment) once your strategy has begin to yield rewarding result then its essential you concentrate on growing and expanding your business which include introducing new product to the market or opening more branches.

You could even choose to open a new business within another industry. That’s what makes you an entrepreneur and that’s exactly what you will learn and understand how to implement during this program.

Who should attend this Entrepreneurship Training

  • Anyone who what to start a new business that will become successful.
  • Anyone who wants to grow and expand his existing business.
  • Anyone who wants to avoid the risk of making costly mistakes that could squander his business capital.
  • If you want to understand and implement strategies that will help you achieve your business goals fast.
  • If you want to build multiple businesses within diverse industries.
  • Anyone who wants to build a business that can run smoothly while he’s not present.
  • If you want to build a business where your employee will remain committed and devoted to their duties.
  • Anyone who wants to build a business that it’s customers will be proud of.

What You Will Get

  • Certification
  • Training Materials
  • Refreshment & Lunch

Course Fee: N60,000

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