Discover Yourself Audio Book is a book a wrote after I was privileged to figure out what my life purpose is. 

I have been an IT Consultant and Website Developer for many years which gives me the opportunity to learn about many diverse businesses.

That was an added value to me. Yet, I always feel that I will be a better person doing something else, and the only activity that makes me forget about my worries is learning and teaching what I have learnt in a simple easy to understand way that anybody can relate with and implement.

Discover Yourself is my first book and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Ajibola Rilwan (Realone)

Ajibola Rilwan is a Business Consultant & Business Developer who has been prevailed to work with many reputable companies home and abroad by helping them grow and expand their company to enable them maximize profit. He is the founder and lead instructor at Realone Business School. RC: 1628333.

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