Business financing is the activity of funding the many aspects of a business, this could be funding to start a business, running it, or expanding the business. One of my best advice for business financing is to have minimum of 3 account for your business.

The first account is expected to be the company’s main account for reserved capital. Funds in such account should be reserved to help expend the business in terms of buying new equipment or opening a new branch.

While the second account is for the daily operations of the business and the third is for salary, to help you pay your staffs and also pay yourself as well.

With this simple concept, you will hardly have issue with your daily operations or paying your staffs and whenever their is as opportunity to expend, your capital reserve account will be at you aid.

Ajibola Rilwan (Realone)

Ajibola Rilwan is a Business Consultant & Business Developer who has been prevailed to work with many reputable companies home and abroad by helping them grow and expand their company to enable them maximize profit. He is the founder and lead instructor at Realone Business School. RC: 1628333.

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