Being a nanny can be a very rewarding career if you love caring for children and building strong personal relationships. Best Nanny Training School in Abuja

Experience is the best way to prepare for this position, but education and networking can help you succeed.

Learning more about how to become a nanny can help you decide if you want to pursue this type of role.

Skills a nanny should have

These are the skills that a nanny often needs:

  • Excellent communication: Communicating with children, parents and other childcare professionals is frequent in nanny work.

  • First aid, health and safety skills: Providing a clean and healthy environment for the children is essential. Many families require nannies to be CPR and first-aid certified to ensure they can react quickly in emergency situations.

  • General and specialized knowledge of education: A nanny position frequently requires some level of teaching, whether it’s helping small children learn basic skills or tutoring older children. Being adept at instructing children in various areas is useful.

  • Time management: Balancing different tasks and errands requires good time management.

  • Basic nutrition and food preparation skills: You may perform some meal preparation, so it’s important to know what children need to eat and how much at various ages.

  • Patience: If you have patience, empathy and kindness, you can meet the emotional needs of the children in your care.

  • Physical stamina: Endurance can help you keep up with active children.

  • Communication: This is an essential skill because every aspect of your job is focused around communication, communicating with kids and parents.

Bellow are some Nanny Training School in Abuja…

Online Course Nigeria
Online Course In Nigeria

Dewdrop Institute – Best Nanny Training School in Abuja

Dewdrop Institute is a vocational training Institute accredited by City & Guilds International of UK to provide its globally recognized training and certifications in Health and Social Care as well as the Hospitality Qualification.

Dewdrop Institute is offering a 6-month professional training for caregivers, with a UK and Nigerian curriculum. 

It includes learning outcomes and knowledge in: 

  • Safety and Protection in Care Practice
  • Rights and Responsibilities in Care Practice
  • Communication Skills
  • Diversity and Stereotyping
  • Health
  • Hygiene and Nutrition Management
  • First Aid Skills amongst other skills

Dewdrop Institute is currently offering City & Guilds’ International Vocational Diploma Qualification (IVQ) in Health and Social Care, and will introduce other City & Guilds qualifications in  the future as the need arises. 

Their Health & Social care training schedule is flexible, and is designed to accommodate people who wish to acquire professional skills in caregiving thus creating more professional jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in Nigeria.

Participants will be tutored by facilitators with decades of experience in health and social care within and outside Nigeria. 

Upon successful completion of the training, the trainees will be issued a dully approved certification from Dewdrop Institute and an optional globally recognized certificate from City and Guilds, UK. 

Dewdrop Institute will provide continuous support and professional development opportunities for its graduates so they can further their careers in the field of caregiving.

The training  will help stakeholders create a new and professional standard for the Health & Social Care sector in Nigeria.

Reducing the risk of putting the lives and well-being of vulnerable children and the elderly posed by untrained caregivers and domestic staff in the society.

A customized Health Care program will be of high benefit to all parents & family members; nannies/domestic assistants; school owners, teachers, teachers’ assistants, support staff in crèches/day care centers, nursery/primary schools; nurses.

Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW), and other medical support personnel in health care facilities, people with special needs, as well as early retirees and the unemployed amongst others.

Contact Dewdrop Institute – Best Nanny Training School in Abuja

Address: Bon Hotel Abuja Annex, No. 2 Persian Gulf Close Maitama, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone: 09080161319

Professional Training Lagos
Business Courses Lagos

International Montessori Teacher Training Institute (IMTTI)

IMTTI is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Montessori Teacher Training Institute recognized and accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) – USA.

Their aim is to pass on to students the educational insights developed by the founder during her lifetime’s work with children around the world. 

The educational method known as the Montessori System is recognized as one of the best throughout the world and is entirely compatible with the demands of complex modern society. 

It is based on the firm belief that every child is born with creative potential, the drive to learn and the right to be treated as an individual.

International Montessori Teacher Training Institute

The Institute is proud to launch IMTTI Nigeria, a franchise partnership between the IMTTI Group’s Principal College in India and Buildingblocks Montessori Services Limited in Abuja, Nigeria.

As a premier Montessori teacher training institute, they offer Montessori Diploma Courses in Early Years Education for Early Years Teachers and Practitioners. 

These courses meet the National and International requirements for teaching and practicing in the Early Years Setting. 

The Diploma Courses also effectively equip those wishing to start their own Early Years Schools. Graduates and Holders of IMTTI Diploma Certificates easily find jobs in Nigeria and Overseas.

Course-ware focuses upon the essential of Montessori theory. 

In the true tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori, they place great emphasis on practical work under the guidance of experienced tutors. See the balance between theory and practice as a vital component of any Montessori training.

We hope all information on our website will be sufficient to encourage you to join us as we look forward to welcoming you as one of IMTTI’s future Montessorians.


International Montessori Teacher Training Institute is recognized and accredited by the prestigious International Accreditation Organization (IAO) of the United States of America.

IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. 

With its global network of experts, IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

The accrediting body owes its success to its strong network of experts and accreditation professionals serving in over 180 countries. 

IAO also collaborates with regional accreditation bodies to supplement their strict accreditation methods.

International Montessori Teacher Training Institute complies with the standards and criteria established by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and has been granted candidacy status along with all the services and privileges of regional, national and international professional recognition.

Contact International Montessori Teacher Training Institute (IMTTI)

Address: Plot 397, Efire Ileogun Street, Off Airport junction, By Lento Aluminium, Life Camp, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone Number: +234 705 2529 617



Utopian Healthcare

Utopian Caregiver Course is a 3 – week training that equips participants with basic skills required in caring for individuals of all ages. We focus on evidence based practice methodology.

Our Caregivers can use their skills to work anywhere in the world, in organizations like personal care homes, daycare centers, nursing homes, hospitals, personal residences, and also in caring for their loved ones.

​Our core value is simple yet profound –  “We Add Value.” Every interaction, every training module, and every consultation is aimed at amplifying the value quotient for our stakeholders.

At Utopian Healthcare, we stand by the principle that every patient has the inalienable right to safe care. Quality of care is non-negotiable, and we are passionate about transforming this belief into a reality.

Contact Utopian Healthcare

Address: No 93, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Rukayat Plaza, Jabi District,Abuja

Phone Number: +234 810 157 9256

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